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InvocableMap::EntryProcessor Class Reference

#include <coherence/util/InvocableMap.hpp>

Inherits Object.

Inherited by AbstractProcessor [virtual], and PriorityProcessor [virtual].

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Detailed Description

An invocable agent that operates against the Entry objects within a Map.

Public Types

typedef spec::Handle Handle
 EntryProcessor Handle definition.
typedef spec::View View
 EntryProcessor View definition.
typedef spec::Holder Holder
 EntryProcessor Holder definition.

Public Member Functions

virtual Object::Holder process (Entry::Handle hEntry) const =0
 Process a Map::Entry object.
virtual Map::View processAll (Set::View vSetEntries) const =0
 Process a Set of InvocableMap::Entry objects.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Object::Holder process ( Entry::Handle  hEntry  )  const [pure virtual]

Process a Map::Entry object.

hEntry the Entry to process
the result of the processing, if any

Implemented in CompositeProcessor, ConditionalProcessor, ConditionalPut, ConditionalPutAll, ConditionalRemove, ExtractorProcessor, NumberIncrementor, NumberMultiplier, PreloadRequest, PriorityProcessor, UpdaterProcessor, VersionedPut, and VersionedPutAll.

virtual Map::View processAll ( Set::View  vSetEntries  )  const [pure virtual]

Process a Set of InvocableMap::Entry objects.

This method is semantically equivalent to:

   Map::Handle hMapResults = HashMap::create();
   for (Iterator::Handle hIter = vSetEntries->iterator();
       iter->hasNext; )
       InvocableMap::Entry::Handle hEntry =
       hMapResults->put(hEntry->getKey(), process(hEntry));
   return hMapResults;

vSetEntries a Set of InvocableMap::Entry objects to process
a Map containing the results of the processing, up to one entry for each InvocableMap::Entry that was processed, keyed by the keys of the Map that were processed, with a corresponding value being the result of the processing for each key

Implemented in AbstractProcessor, ConditionalProcessor, ConditionalPut, ConditionalPutAll, ConditionalRemove, PreloadRequest, PriorityProcessor, VersionedPut, and VersionedPutAll.

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