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ParallelCompositeAggregator Class Reference

#include <coherence/util/aggregator/ParallelCompositeAggregator.hpp>

Inherits CompositeAggregator, and InvocableMap::ParallelAwareAggregator.

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Detailed Description

ParallelCompositeAggregator provides an ability to execute a collection of parallel aware aggregators against the same subset of the entries in an InvocableMap, resulting in a list of corresponding aggregation results.

The size of the returned list will always be equal to the length of the aggregators' array.

Unlike many other concrete EntryAggregator implementations that are constructed directly, instances of ParallelCompositeAggregator should only becreated indirectly by using the factory method of CompositeAggregator.

djl 2008.05.16

Public Types

typedef spec::Handle Handle
 ParallelCompositeAggregator Handle definition.
typedef spec::View View
 ParallelCompositeAggregator View definition.
typedef spec::Holder Holder
 ParallelCompositeAggregator Holder definition.

Public Member Functions

getParallelAggregator ()
 Get an aggregator that can take the place of this aggregator in situations in which the InvocableMap can aggregate in parallel.

the aggregator that will be run in parallel

virtual Object::Holder aggregateResults (Collection::View vCollResults)
 Aggregate the results of the parallel aggregations.

vCollResults the parallel aggregation results
the aggregation of the parallel aggregation results

Protected Member Functions

 ParallelCompositeAggregator ()
 Default constructor (necessary for the PortableObject interface).
 ParallelCompositeAggregator (ObjectArray::View vaAggregator)
 Construct a ParallelCompositeAggregator based on a specified coherence::util::InvocableMap::EntryAggregator array.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ParallelCompositeAggregator ( ObjectArray::View  vaAggregator  )  [protected]

Construct a ParallelCompositeAggregator based on a specified coherence::util::InvocableMap::EntryAggregator array.

vaAggregator an array of ParallelAwareAggregator objects; may not be null

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