Oracle Coherence for C++ API


coherence::security Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Contains classes and interfaces related to security.


class  DefaultIdentityAsserter
 The default implementation of the IdentityAsserter interface. More...
class  DefaultIdentityTransformer
 The default implementation of the IdentityTransformer interface, which simply returns the Subject that is passed to it. More...
class  GenericPrincipal
 A generic implementation of the Principal interface. More...
class  IdentityAsserter
 IdentityAsserter validates a token in order to establish a user's identity. More...
class  IdentityTransformer
 IdentityTransformer transforms a Subject to a token that asserts identity. More...
class  Principal
 A Principal represents a portion of an overall identity, such as a person, or group. More...
class  RunAsBlock
 The RunAsBlock class allows for easy creation of scoped authorization code blocks based on a Subject. More...


namespace  auth
 Contains classes related to identity information such as users or groups.

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