Oracle Coherence for C++ API


coherence::stl Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Contains various C++ Standard Library adapter classes.


class  adapter_map
 adapter_map provides an STL-like "pair associative container" wrapper around coherence::util::Map implementations. More...
class  boxing_map
 boxing_map provides an STL-like map adapter around a coherence::util::map, and additionally auto-boxes the keys and values to their corresponding non-managed types. More...


template<class MapSrc, class MapDes>
void copy_map (const MapSrc &mapSrc, MapDes &mapDes)
 Copy the contents of one map to another.

Function Documentation

void coherence::stl::copy_map ( const MapSrc &  mapSrc,
MapDes &  mapDes 
) [inline]

Copy the contents of one map to another.

mapSrc the source map
mapDes the destination map

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