Oracle Coherence for C++ API


coherence::util::comparator Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Contains concrete Comparator implementations and related interfaces.


class  ChainedComparator
 Composite comparator implementation based on a collection of comparators. More...
class  EntryAwareComparator
 EntryAwareComparator is an extension to the Comparator interface that allows the EntryComparator to know whether the underlying comparator expects to compare the corresponding Entries' keys or values. More...
class  EntryComparator
 Comparator implementation used to compare map entries. More...
class  InverseComparator
 Comparator that reverses the result of another comparator. More...
class  QueryMapComparator
 This interface is used by Comparator implementations that can use value extraction optimization exposed by the QueryMap::Entry interface. More...
class  SafeComparator
 NULL-safe delegating comparator. More...

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