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Oracle Inventory Movement Statistics User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number B31584-02
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Movement Statistic Utilities

This chapter covers the following topics:

Movement Statistics Record Purge Utility

This section outlines the Movement Statistics Record Purge Concurrent Program.

The Movement Statistics Transaction Purging Concurrent Program will delete specified Movement Statistics records. Note that once the records are purged, they can not be recreated. Before purging any records, it is strongly recommended that you make a backup of the records, either using paper based reports or electronic media.

Movement Statistics Transaction Purging Process Flow

  1. Enter the parameters to identify the movement statistics records to purge

  2. Submit the program for execution

Movement Statistics Reset Status Utility

The Movement Statistics Reset Status concurrent program will reset the status of all movement statistics records for a specified period and transaction type to OPEN. Records with a status of IGNORE may also be reset to OPEN.

The Reset Status concurrent program will, by default, update ALL records for a specified Legal Entity and period to OPEN status. If you only want to update movement records with a status of IGNORE to OPEN, you must specify the correct Reset Option parameter before running this concurrent program.

To update the status of movement records using the Movement Statistics Reset Status concurrent program:

  1. Navigate to the Movement Statistics Reset Status concurrent program.

  2. Enter the following parameters to execute the Reset Status concurrent program:

  3. You may set the Reset Option parameter as follows: