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Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E12169-08
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Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Diagnostic Tests


Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway utilizes Oracle Diagnostics, a tool to help standardize data gathering and troubleshooting. Through the Oracle Diagnostics Framework (ODF), integration repository administrators with appropriate diagnostic roles can run related tests to check the overall health of Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway and gather interface and deployment information. The diagnostics will help the administrators with ease of maintenance of integration setup and transaction.

You can access Oracle Diagnostics through different user interfaces, including Oracle Applications Manager and other administrative consoles. For more information, see the Oracle Diagnostics Framework User's Guide.

The Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway diagnostic tests are available in Oracle Diagnostics under the Application Object Library application.

The following topics are included in this chapter:

How to Run Diagnostic Tests

Use the following steps to run Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway diagnostic tests and view the reports:

Granting Roles to the User

Use the following steps to grant the 'Application Super User Role' (UMX|ODF_APPLICATION_SUPER_USER_ROLE) and 'Diagnostics Super User' roles to a desired user:

  1. Log on to the Oracle E-Business Suite as a user who has the User Management responsibility.

  2. Click the Users link from the navigation menu to open the User Maintenance window.

  3. Enter information in the search area to locate the appropriate user who you need to assign the roles.

  4. Click the Update icon next to the user with 'Active' account status to open the Update User window.

  5. In the Update User window, click Assign Roles.

  6. In the search window, search for the 'Application Super User Role' (UMX|ODF_APPLICATION_SUPER_USER_ROLE). Choose this role and click Select.

  7. Enter a justification in the Justification filed and click Apply. You will see a confirmation message indicating you have successfully assigned the role.

  8. Repeat step 5 to step 7 to assign the 'Diagnostics Super User' role to the user.

Executing the Diagnostics Tests

Use the following steps to execute the diagnostic tests for Integrated SOA Gateway and view the reports:

  1. Log on to Oracle E-Business Suite as a user who has been assigned to the above roles.

  2. Select the Application Diagnostics responsibility from the Navigator and click the Diagnose link.

  3. In the Diagnostic Tests window, click Select Application to open the Search and Select: Application pop-up window.

  4. Search for Application Short Name as FND and then click Select to return to the Diagnostic Tests window.

  5. In the Tests column, expand the 'Integrated SOA Gateway' group by clicking on the '+' icon to view all the available diagnostic tests.

  6. Select the diagnostic test you want to execute and then click Execute.

  7. Specify the following information in the Request Details window if needed:

  8. Click Submit to submit your request.

  9. In the View Execution Results window, click Refresh to view the request status. Once the report is generated with 'Completed' status, click View Report to view your report details. Click Download Report to download the report with your selected format.

Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Diagnostic Tests

Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway provides the following diagnostic tests through Oracle Diagnostics that you can use to check the interface type and deployment information as well as validate the service invocation.

IREP1: Public Class Count by Interface Type

This diagnostic test checks and reports the count of the Oracle Integration Repository public packages by Interface Types (PL/SQL, XML Gateway, and Concurrent Program). It also reports the number of packages that have either been generated or deployed.

This test does not require any input parameters.

IREP2: List Class Method and Check for Wrapper Package Status

For an inputted interface type, this diagnostics test checks and reports the packages and their methods for all the packages which are either Generated or Deployed. Additionally, if the interface type is PL/SQL, it detects if the wrapper packages are valid or not.

Input Required:

Interface Type: This test requires you to enter a valid interface type. Valid inputs are PLSQL, XML Gateway and Concurrent Program.

SOA Gateway Deployment Test

This diagnostic test checks if the Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway deployment code works properly.

Input Required:

IREP Class Name: This test requires you to enter the internal name of a package as the IREP Class Name, such as FND_USER_PKG.

It checks and reports the test result if a valid WSDL file is generated upon deployment.

Service Invocation Framework Test

This diagnostic test uses the Service Invocation Framework to call a native Oracle E-Business Suite Web service (using event name and the subscription for fnd_user_pkg.TestUserName operation for the test).


Before running this diagnostic test, ensure the following information is in place:

For more information on how to invoke Web services using the service invocation framework, see Implementing Service Invocation Framework.

Input Required:

It checks and reports the test result if it gets a correct string response.

SOA Gateway Health Check

This diagnostics test checks the overall health of Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway.


In order to have the report generated successfully, you must create security grants to authorize the following interfaces access privileges to appropriate users who will execute the report. These interfaces are the SOA Gateway Health Check report running against; therefore, the authorized users must be created first.

To create a security grant, search for a predefined integration interface first. Next, select the interface method (or procedure and function) from the interface details page (such as select TESTFUNCTION from the SOA_DIAG_TST interface details page) and click Create Grant. Select an appropriate user as a grantee. For more information, see Creating Grants.

Input Required:

To successfully run this report, you should provide the following SOAHeader elements as input parameters. These elements are used to pass values that may be required to set applications context during service execution.

This test reports the health check details for Integrated SOA Gateway including the following areas:

Troubleshooting SOA Gateway Health Check Report

In the case of the report is not run or errors occur while it is running, use the following methods to resolve or troubleshoot the issues: