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Oracle Field Service User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E12787-04
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Oracle Field Service User Guide


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Understanding Field Service

Introduction to the Field Service Suite
Field Service Integration with the E-Business Suite
Field Service Business Models
Preventive Maintenance Programs
Task Status and Task Assignment Status Flow

Creating Service Requests and Field Service Tasks

Overview: Service Request and Task Creation
Overview: Dispatch Center
Marking Tasks for Customer Confirmation
Defining Customer Access and After Hours Constraints
Creating and Submitting Charges
Creating Task Dependencies
Overview: Parts Search and Ordering
Creating Parts Requirements Automatically for Tasks
Viewing and Manually Creating Parts Requirements
Receiving Parts from the Dispatch Center
Creating Follow-up Tasks from the Dispatch Center

Understanding Skills Management

Overview of Understanding Skills Management
Assigning Skills to Tasks
Assigning Skills to Task Templates
Associating Skills to Technicians

Scheduling Field Service Tasks

Overview: Call Center Booking
Overview: Schedule Task Window
      Accessing the Schedule Task Window
      Specifying Preferences for Scheduling Tasks
      Selecting a Scheduler Option
      Using Interactive Scheduling
      Scheduling Using the Intelligent Option
      Scheduling Using the Window to Promise Option
      Scheduling Using the Assisted Option
      Scheduling Tasks Automatically
      Launching Autonomous Scheduler
      Supporting Location Time Zones

Managing Field Service Task Schedules

Introducing the Dispatch Center
Populating the Dispatch Center Tasks List Table
Working with Tasks
      Viewing Service Request Details
      Viewing Service History
      Maintaining the Task Assignment Status for a Technician
      Unscheduling Tasks
      Tasks Rejected by Autonomous Scheduler
Working with Resources
      Working with the Plan Board View
      Working with the Gantt View
      Viewing Resource Details
      Viewing Technicians HTML Calendars
Working with the Map View
      Overview: Invalid Addresses
      Correcting and Validating Addresses
      Submitting the Find Invalid Addresses Concurrent Program
      Geotesting and Reverse Geocoding
Committing Schedules
      Releasing Work to the Field - Interactive Process
      Releasing Work to the Field - Concurrent Program
Rescheduling Tasks
      Rescheduling a Scheduled Task from the Plan Board
      Rescheduling a Scheduled Task from the Gantt View
      Rescheduling a Scheduled Task from the Tasks View
      Rescheduling Tasks Longer Than a Standard Shift Duration
      Unscheduling a Scheduled Task
      Canceling a Scheduled Task
      Rescheduling, Unscheduling, or Canceling a Task With Debriefed Timings

Managing Field Service Technician Trips

Overview of Managing Field Service Technician Trips
Creating Trips from Existing Shift Patterns within the Dispatch Center
Creating Trips within the Dispatch Center when No Shift Patterns Exist
Updating Trips within the Dispatch Center
Creating Trips with Different Departure and Arrival Addresses
Deleting a Trip within the Dispatch Center
Manage Field Service Technician Availability
Blocking Technician Trips
Unblocking Technician Trips
Optimizing Technician Trips
Reserving Technician Personal Time
Recalculating a Trip
Recalculating All Trips

Using Maps in the Field Service Dispatch Center

Understanding the Map Integration
Viewing Technician Location and Trip
Viewing Selected Tasks and All Technician Locations
Viewing Territory Tasks and All Technician Locations
Plotting Eligible Technicians for a Task
Using Guided Maps in Field Service
Understanding the Tool Tip Details

Receiving and Accepting Work Assignments

Explaining the Elements of the Field Service Technician Dashboard
Explaining Quick Links to Key Processes
Customizing Dashboard Views
Personalizing an Existing View
Creating a New View
Viewing the Technicians Calendar
Viewing Tasks on Maps
Receiving Work Tasks
Understanding Task Updates
Understanding the Update Task Page
Updating Task Assignment Status
Accepting or Rejecting Tasks
Ordering Parts for Trunk Stock
Ordering Parts for a Specific Task
Managing Trunk Stock
Receiving Shipments
Starting Work
Viewing Service Request Details
Viewing Parts Requirements
Creating Service Requests

Debriefing Work Completion

Understanding Debrief Procedures
Capturing Travel Information
Adding a Labor Line
Adding a Material Line
Using Loaner Transactions
Adding an Expense Line
Recording Counter Readings
Updating Task Details and Notes
Viewing a Pro Forma Invoice
Searching e-Record Evidence Store
Updating Owned Asset Install Base Records
Reverse Logistics
Using Parts Return
Viewing Transaction History
Scheduling Tasks
Creating and Scheduling Follow-Up Tasks

Reviewing Debrief and Billing

Overview: Administrator Portal Dashboard
Querying Technician Schedules
Reviewing and Correcting Debrief Information
Reviewing, Correcting, and Submitting Charges

Windows/Pages and Navigation Paths

Overview of Field Service Windows/Pages and Navigation Paths
Windows/Pages and Navigator Paths