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Oracle Advanced Global Intercompany System User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E12794-04
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Oracle Advanced Global Intercompany System User's Guide


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Intercompany Setup

Setting up AGIS
      Intercompany Accounting Pages
      Intercompany Accounts Pages
      Common Intercompany Accounts Fields
      Intercompany Accounts Search Page
      Create Intercompany Accounts Pages
      Define Accounts Page
      Update Intercompany Accounts
      Balancing Accounts Search Page
      Create Intracompany Balancing Rules Page
      Intercompany Organizations Pages
      View Intercompany Organization Page
      Intercompany Security Pages
      Intercompany Organization Assignments Page
      Intercompany Transaction Types Pages
      Creating Intercompany Transaction Types Page
      Intercompany Periods Pages
      Control Period Statuses Page
      Review Open Transactions Page
      Intercompany Invoicing Options Pages
      Receivables Assignments Page
      Customer Supplier Associations
      Customer and Supplier Association Page
      Trading Partners Page
      Intercompany System Options
      Approvals Management Setup for Intercompany
      Default Accounts Rules Setup In Subledger Accounting for Intercompany

Intercompany Transaction Processing

Intercompany Home Page
Intercompany Transaction Page
      Outbound Transactions Page
      Inbound Transactions Page
Intercompany Batch Numbering Sequence
Workflow Notifications
Transferring Transactions to General Ledger
Transferring Transactions to Receivables and Payables

Importing Intercompany Transactions

Importing Transactions
      Importing Intercompany Using Open Interface
      Intercompany Open Interface Tables
      Running the Intercompany Import Program
      Importing Intercompany Transactions Using WebADI
      Oracle WebADI: Create Document Page
      Purge Rejected Intercompany Transactions

Intercompany Reporting


Intercompany Open Interface Tables

Open Interface Tables