Oracle Payables Implementation Guide


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Payables Setup

Setting Up Oracle Payables
      Payables Setup Steps Summary
Distribution Sets
Voucher Numbers and Document Sequences
      Document Sequences
      Document Categories
      Sequence Assignments
      Sequential Numbering Profile Option
      Document Sequencing Setup Examples
      Implementing Sequential Voucher Numbering
      Making a Sequence or Assignment Inactive
Choosing a Ledger
Financials Options
      Financials Options Window Reference
      Accounting Financials Options
      Encumbrance Financials Options
      Human Resources Financials Options
      Supplier - Purchasing Financials Options
      Tax Financial Options
Accounting Methods
      Setting up Your Accounting Method
Payables System Setup
Payables Options
      Payables Options Window Reference
      Accounting Options Payables Options
      Approval Payables Options
      Currency Payables Options
      Expense Report Payables Options
      Interest Payables Options
      Invoice Payables Options
      Matching Payables Options
      Payment Payables Options
      Reports Payables Options
      Tax Reporting Payables Options
      Withholding Tax Payables Options
      Supplier Payables Options
Special Calendar
Payment Terms
      Payment Terms Window Reference
Signing Limits
Invoice Tolerances
Invoice Hold and Release Names
      Invoice Hold and Release Names Window Reference
Setting Up Invoice Approval Workflow
      Invoice Approval Workflow Process Activities
      Invoice Approval Workflow Negotiation Subprocess
Interest Rates
Countries and Territories
Tax Codes
      Defining Tax Codes for Withholding Taxes
Withholding Tax Groups
      Funds Disbursement Process
      Bank Charges
Withholding Tax Certificates and Exceptions
Reporting Entities
Income Tax Regions
Controlling the Status of Payables Periods
      Closing an Accounting Period
Aging Periods
Payables Implementation Information
      Customizing Your Supplier Letters
      Implementing the Invoice Payments Descriptive Flexfield
      Customizing Automatic Withholding Tax
      Using the Multiple Organization Support Feature
      Setting Up Print Styles and Drivers for the Supplier Mailing Labels Report
      Setting the Query Driver Parameter for 1099 Reporting


Setting Up Your System for Matching
XML Invoices
      XML Invoice Transaction Limitations
      Setup for XML Invoices
      Message Map Detail
      Tax on XML Invoices
      Processing Oracle XML Gateway Invoice Records
      Tax Handling for XML Invoices
Payables Open Interface Workflow

Expense Reports and Credit Cards

Setting Up Credit Card Programs
      Code Sets Window
      Card Programs Window
      GL Account Sets Window
      Profiles Window
      Credit Cards Window
      AP Procurement Card Employee Verification Workflow
      AP Procurement Card Manager Approval Transaction Workflow
      Configuring Procurement Card Web Pages Using Web Application Dictionary
      Payables Procurement Card Transactions Interface Table
      Using SQL*Loader to Populate the Payables Open Interface Tables
Credit Card Management
      Credit Card Transactions Loader Preformat
      US Bank Visa Transaction Loader
      Bank of America Visa Transaction Loader
      Diner's Club Transaction Loader
      American Express Transaction Loader
      Credit Card Transaction Loader and Validation Programs
      MasterCard CDF and MasterCard CDF3 Transaction Loader and Validation Programs
      Visa VCF 3/4 Transaction Loader and Validation Program
      US Bank Visa Transaction Loader and Validation Program
      Diner's Club Transaction Loader and Validation Program
      American Express Transaction Loader and Validation Program


Setting Up Your System for Bills Payable

Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency Transactions


How Feature Setup Affects What Details Are Recorded for Accounting Events
How Payables Setup Controls Accounting Entries
Subledger Accounting Setup in Payables

Other Topics

Positive Pay Setup
Automatic Interest Prompt Payment Support
Enabling Automatic Offsets
Setting Up Payables for Budgetary Control
Setting Up Intercompany Accounting
Petty Cash Funds

Profile Options

Profile Options in Payables
      Profile Options Summary
      Profile Options in Payables
      Profile Options for Internet Expenses
      Profile Options in Projects
      Profile Options in General Ledger
      Profile Options in Application Object Library
      Profile Options for Multiple Organization Support

Function Security

Function Security in Payables


Attachments in Payables

Oracle Payables Alerts

Using Oracle Alert for Exception Reporting
      Invoices on Price Hold
      Invoices on Quantity Received Hold
      Invoices on Quantity Ordered Hold
      Receipt Holds

Implementing the Java Bank Class

Implementing the Java Bank Class for Bank Transmissions
      Bank Class Method Descriptions
      Bank Class Setup