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Oracle E-Business Suite Developer's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E12897-04
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SQL Trace Options

SQL Trace Options

Oracle E–Business Suite Forms–based applications allow you to set up SQL Trace under the Help > Diagnostics menu. The trace options allow you to have server and background processes write information to associated trace files. When a process detects an internal error, it writes information about the error to its trace file. For more information on trace files, see the Oracle database documentation.

Note: Enabling SQL Trace can have a severe performance impact. For more information, see the Oracle database documentation.

The following options are available:

Once SQL Trace is enabled using the Help >Diagnostics menu, the system enables trace for any form launched from the form in which trace was enabled. If trace is enabled while the Navigator is in focus, any subsequent form launched has trace enabled. When any subsequent forms are launched, the menu option indicates that trace is enabled.

A message is displayed at form startup indicating that trace is enabled.

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