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Oracle Report Manager User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E12901-04
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User to Value Security

Overview of User to Value Security

User to Value security can only be applied to financial reports that are submitted with a content set or to standard and variable reports that contain a valid expansion value that was set up in a value set by the system administrator. The security matches individual values with users and assigns security levels to the paired value and user.

For example, the value set used for an Income Statement is Departments. User Jane Smith is given viewer access to department 100 only. Her manager Sue Jones has owner access to all departments in the report. When Sue opens the report she sees a dropdown list of all departments and selects any department to view that department's income statement. Jane only sees the statement for department 100.

The Security Workbench menu item is your starting place. It lists value sets currently available for user to value security. See the Creating User to Value Security business flow for more information.

Features of the Security Workbench Page

Security Levels

Following are the levels of security you can assign to a user and value pair:

Security Listing Report

This report details existing user security privileges. You can access this report from the Security Workbench. Use the simple or advanced search to limit the information in the report.