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Oracle Common Application Calendar Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13405-04
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Implementing Resource Schedules in OA

This chapter covers the following topics:

Creating Categories for Shifts and Exceptions

In the schedule repository, a category assigns significance to a shift or exception. The significance is basically used to identify whether a resource is available, not available, or maybe. Colors are assigned to different categories so that a scheduler viewing the calendar can see at a glance what resource is available at what time.

In the sample case there are a few different periods of significance that we want to distinguish:

Category Meaning Display Color Available?
Work Call Center Available for call center department
green Yes
Work Service Available for service department green Yes
Not Available Not Available red No

Since the call center and service department follow different schedules there is no need to define different categories for work. So all we need are the following shift categories:

Category Meaning Display Color Available?
Available Available for work
green Yes
Not Available Not Available red No


Setting Up Global Exceptions

For the schedule repository, you can set up common exceptions such as company holidays which can then be included in schedules. Global exceptions are not automatically included in schedules.


Setting Up Shift Detail Types

In the schedule repository, shift detail types are used only in day based schedule patterns. A shift can be very detailed. For example, for flexible time schedules, the details define what hours are flexible and what hours are not flexible, for example for lunch breaks or maintenance downtime.

When you create the shift detail types, you provide a name that can be selected when creating the shift detail. You also provide the color to use for each shift detail type when previewing schedules.

Schedule Category Lookup

On the Schedules page and the Define Schedule page there is a Category field with a list of selections. The seeded selections are:

You can add categories to this lookup code CAC_SR_SCHDL_CATEGORY.