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Oracle Common Application Calendar Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13405-04
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Dependencies and Integration Points

This chapter covers the following topics:

Oracle Common Application Calendar Dependencies

Oracle Common Application Calendar integrates with other Oracle Applications in the E-Business Suite to provide and extend its functionality. Some are mandatory and some are optional. You must set up the mandatory modules before the Common Application Calendar can run. Setting up the optional modules is not required; however, if they are not set up, then the additional functionality provided by these modules is not available.

Many of these modules are included in your general installation. The following list of modules or applications is included with your installation but if you have not licensed the entire suite, you will only have access to the functionalities and tables. In other words, you will not be able to access the user interface (UI) or APIs for the application.

Note: The exception to the previous paragraph is that some UIs are shared. An example of this is in Oracle HRMS which will "share" some of it's Forms if you do not have HRMS set up.

For information on Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 system requirements and dependencies, consult the Oracle Applications Installing Oracle Applications Release 12 manual.


Assignment Manager

Task Manager

Calendar (HTML-based)

Calendar (Forms-based)

Escalation Manager

Business Rule Monitor