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Oracle Common Application Calendar Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13405-04
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Implementing Task Manager

This chapter covers the following topics:

Overview of Task Manager

Task Manager provides an effective mechanism for organizations to create tasks, assign resources to tasks, schedule tasks, and manage tasks, as well as to track task assignments.

Depending on your business needs, Task Manager can be used as a standalone module to create personal tasks and private to dos, or it can be integrated with other applications in the Oracle E-Business Suite to create context sensitive tasks, such as tasks created for a sales opportunity. No matter how Task Manager is used, the implementation steps for Tasks would be the same.

Task Manager for Oracle Common Application Calendar adopts the Oracle Applications Framework, the standard HTML development and deployment platform for Oracle HTML Applications. It provides essential task screens including creating tasks, updating tasks, and viewing contextual tasks for integrated applications such as Oracle Service or Oracle Sales.

A number of features are available in both versions; however, some features are available in only Forms, or only HTML based Tasks.

Task Manager in Oracle Applications Framework provides basic task functionality in accordance with Task data security rules. These task features can only be accessed through integrated applications and they are not available in the standalone Task Manager. These features include creating tasks, updating tasks, and viewing tasks which are also available in the Forms-based, or HTML Tasks. Task Manager in Oracle Applications Framework is not fully compatible with HTML Tasks user interface.

To implement Task Manager, the implementor or system administrator need to set up basic task components, such as task types, priorities, statuses, reference mapping, date types, profile options, concurrent programs, and metadata objects if necessary. If task templates or task template groups will be used later in the application, then the implementor can create them first so that users can have an option to create multiple tasks simultaneously. In addition, Task Manager allows implementors or system administrators to further customize the task security rules so that appropriate users can be authorized with right access privileges to particular tasks.

Setup Dependencies

To be able to use the full functionality of Task Manager, the following components must be set up properly: