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Oracle Common Application Calendar Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13405-04
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Troubleshooting Task Manager

This chapter covers the following topics:

Quick Find

When you search a task in Quick Find, it's not found. But actually the task exists.


This is caused because the concurrent program to rebuild the Intermedia index has not been run in timely manner.


Please run the concurrent program Rebuilding Intermedia Index for Task Names. It's recommended to run the concurrent program periodically. CRM Foundation provides the default request group CRM Intermedia Index for this concurrent program. The system administrator can define his or her own additional responsibility with the request group CRM Intermedia Index. You can also rebuild Intermedia Index in the following ways:

Note that the Quick Find screen fetches all tasks that are created on the Standalone Task Manager Screen (Calendar > Tasks > Create). Currently, the functionality does not list tasks created from other sources such as lead or opportunity. These context sensitive tasks are visible in context with every source (Lead/Opportunity), since they are not standalone tasks.

Concurrent Program Error

When you run the concurrent program "Rebuilding Intermedia Index for Task Names, You're getting an error status: Concurrent Manager encountered an error while running SQL*Plus for your concurrent request 841483. Review your concurrent request log and/or report output file for more detailed information.


This is mainly caused by incorrect password provided when submitting the concurrent program.


Please check each password for apps, jtf and ctxsys.

Task Creation Error

On task creation, an error "Failed to validate indextype" is shown.


Please check the Intermedia index JTF_TASKS_TL_IM by running the following SQL*statement:

select owner
, index_name
, index_type
, domidx_status
, domidx_opstatus
, status 
from all_indexes 
where index_name = 'JTF_TASKS_TL_IM'; 

domidx_status, domidx_opstatus and status must be valid. If the statuses are not valid, then recreate the Intermedia index.

Notifications Not Sent

Notifications are not sent immediately. The oracle.apps.jtf.cac.task. event name is being posted to the WF_DEFERRED event queue.


WF_DEFERRED queue contains notifications that are deferred and are not sent immediately. Whether a notification is deferred or not is determined by its phase value. A phase value < 100 means that immediate notifications will be sent whereas a phase value >=100 means a deferred notification will be sent. The phase value is in most cases seeded to be 100 (Deferred).

Workflow Notification Launch

Automatic Workflow Notification does not launch.


Please ensure the following checklist items. In addition you can also refer the Oracle Workflow User and Implementation guides for setup related issues.

  1. Task is created with Task Type having workflow associated with it and the notify option checked.

  2. Values for profiles Task Manager: Automatically Launch Workflow and Task Manager: Abort Previous Task Workflow if it is still active set to yes.

  3. Ensure that Workflow Background Engine is running.

  4. Check if your userid is configured and is part of the wf_roles table.

Invalid UOM

UOM is Invalid or Disabled.


If you experience this problem, perform the following:

  1. The Time Unit of Measure class must be defined in the Oracle Inventory module. For this Time Unit of Measure class, define the Unit of Measure codes (such as Hours, Minutes, etc.) For details on defining the Unit of Measure class, refer to the Oracle Inventory User's Guide.

  2. The profile Time Unit Of Measure Class must be set to the Time Unit of Measure class defined in the Inventory module.

View Message

Task is created in JTT but after creation a message is displayed like “User does not have access to view the task.”


You are creating a task not for the logged in user. The task is created for a user who has not granted view privileges to the logged in user. Please note that in this case the task is created successfully, but cannot be viewed by the logged in user.


Create a task for the logged in user or for a user that has granted view privileges to the logged in user.

LOVs in JTT Task

In JTT Task Create/Update screen, the user is not able to search by LOV for phone number, account or address.


According to the functionality of Task Create/Update page Phone Number, Account, Address1 are dependent fields on Name of the Organization, Person, or relationship. The user has to first enter a name, and then search for a phone, account, or address associated with the name.

No Client Time Zone Times

Task Manager does not show times in Client Time Zone.


As per functionality of Task Manager, task times are not shown in client time zones. If the time zone is not selected for a task and profile options enable time zones, then all times are displayed in the server time zone along with a hint explaining the time zone. If the time zone is selected for a task, and profile options enable time zones, then times appear in the selected time zone along with a hint explaining the time zone. If profile options do not enable time zones, then times display in the server time zone with no hints.

Task Owner Access

Task owners don’t have full access for the tasks that they have created.


System administrators must perform the following steps in order for task owners to have full access to the tasks that they just created. Otherwise, they will have read only access to these tasks.

  1. Use Adadmin to compile menus.

  2. Bounce the middle tier after compiling menus.


Unable to map Task Types, Priorities, and References.


You can map task types, task priorities, and references to any source using the Object Mapping window. Priorities and date types that are mapped to a source and those that are not mapped to any source appear in the corresponding LOV or in the drop-down list. For references, only mapped types, priorities, and date types appear in the HTML user interface (UI). For information on how to map task types, priorities, and references, see the following sections:

Close Service Request

I am unable to close a Parent Service Request when the Task is still open.


The Restrict Closure flag on the Task tab determines whether or not to allow the closure of a parent service request, when the task is open. If this check box is selected and the task status is open, meaning the status does not have the Closed flag checked, then the parent service request (SR) cannot be closed. Any task status without the Closed flag turned on is considered Open.

Contact E-mail

On adding a contact to a task in Task Manager, the contact e-mail ID is incorrect and is not that of the contact.


The e-mail ID shown in the Contacts tab is not of the contact but of the relationship of that contact with the organization.

Search Error

The task Personalized Search page throws errors when searching based on conditions like Subject = RT or Subject = NOT Subject = SYN.


The issue here is with Intermedia index. Words like RT, NOT, SYN are keywords and cannot be searched directly. If we need to search any word that is a keyword then it has to be enclosed within curly braces.

Can't Update Task

Unable to update a task with source document not equal to Task Manager from Task Manager.


A task created from outside Task Manager is updatable in Task Manager only under the following condition. Under Task Setup->Objects metadata the Source of the task should have From Task checkbox checked.

Note Save Automatically

Note created from Task Manager is getting saved when exiting the notes screen without clicking save.


The behavior is such that when you create a note and exit the notes form, the note is buffered but not saved in the database. Therefore if you open the notes form again you will see the note you created but did not save. But once you try and close the Task Manager form it will prompt you to save the changes or not. If you select not to save the changes then the note that you created will not get saved.