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Oracle Common Application Calendar Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13405-04
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Business Rule Monitor Implementation Overview

This chapter covers the following topics:

Business Rule Monitor Overview

An escalation is a process used to highlight or flag certain issues within an organization, so that the appropriate personnel can react to these situations and monitor the resolutions. Escalation management is comprised of two modules: Escalation Manager and the Business Rule Monitor. The Business Rule Monitor is the proactive process.

In a proactive escalation, you take the necessary action to monitor customers issues before the customer complains. The Business Rule Monitor (BRM) is used to raise awareness. It provides a centralized place to define and also monitor business rules on a regular basis. Proactive escalation is used not just in response to problems but can be set up as a follow-up action.

Business Rule Monitor Implementation Steps

The Business Rule Monitor is used to check active business rules by setting up an Oracle Workflow process which continuously loops and checks at a specified interval for all active business rules. This section provides a summary of the steps for implementing the Business Rule Monitor. Each step is performed in the Forms-based interface by the Implementor or the System Administrator.

Define the Business Rule Monitor Workflow Administrator

The Business Rule Monitor workflow administrator can receive workflow notifications when the business rule monitoring process starts and stops, as well as when errors are detected.

Set the Business Rule Monitor Workflow Administrator profile option

Before starting the business rule monitoring process, the Business Rule Monitor Workflow Administrator system profile option must be set and be linked to the E-Business suite Workflow Administrator.

Start the Background Processes

Before starting the business rule monitoring process, the background process for the Business Rule Monitor Main Process must be run. The following background processes are optional depending on which objects have active rules defined. Also, a background process should be started for any user-defined workflows that are being used.

Create a New Business Rule

The implementor or system administrator can optionally create a new rule by defining a rule's general information, specifying workflow and workflow attributes, and defining a rule's condition which reflect your business logic.

Enable the New Business Rule

Before monitoring your business rules, the implementor or system administrator must enable them by entering the effective dates in the Business Rule Workbench window.

Verify that an Escalation Territory has been created and contains at least one resource

Ensure that you have a resource assigned to an escalation territory. The escalation territory can be a catch all for all escalations. The resource needs to be a primary contact.

Start the Business Rule Monitor

The Business Rule Monitor is the control panel used to determine when the workflow process will run and stop.