Oracle Configurator Setup Requirements

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This chapter details the necessary setup needed to access the Configurator in Oracle Order Management. For details on implementing Configure to Order (CTO), refer to the Oracle Configure to Order Implementation Manual. Refer to the section on Configure to Order Process to see how Order Management is integrated with CTO, ATO, PTO and KITS and how these items are processed to their fulfillment.


You must have the following setup in place before using the CTO process and Configurator window in the Sales Order Window:

Installation Status

The status of configurator product must be in complete installed mode (Status = ‘I').

Profile OM: Included Item Freeze Method

This profile determines when included items for Model, Class or Kit are frozen. Once the included items are frozen, they cannot be re-exploded. The profile has the following values:

Profile BOM:Configurator URL of UI Manager

This profile option indicates the Oracle Configurator Servlet URL, which is where the Oracle Configurator Servlet resides. This profile option must be set correctly for the host application to locate the Oracle Configurator Servlet. The person installing Oracle Applications supplies this URL when running Oracle Rapid Install. Oracle Rapid Install uses this information as the default value for BOM: Configurator URL of UI Manager. If you recently upgraded to a new version of Oracle Configurator, verify that this profile option is set correctly.

All URLs in your profile options should be specified with the URL format:

machine_name.domain:port_number; where machine_name is the name of the server machine, domain is your domain name, and port_number is the port where your service is running. The Apache server port is typically 880n. For example: http://appsmachine.appsdomain:8800/configurator/

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