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Oracle Payments User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13415-04
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Oracle Payments User's Guide


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Understanding Oracle Payments

Overview of Oracle Payments
Understanding Funds Capture
      Understanding Payment Methods (Funds Capture)
      Understanding Offline and Online Payments
      Understanding Credit Card Transactions
      Understanding Purchase Cards
      Understanding Funds Capture Bank Account Transfers
      Understanding PINless Debit Card Transactions
Understanding Funds Disbursement
      Understanding Payment Methods (Funds Disbursement)
      Understanding Payment Process Profiles
      Understanding Documents Payable
      Understanding Payments
      Understanding Payment Instructions
      Understanding Payment Process Requests
      Understanding the Payment Process

Funds Capture Process Flows

Funds Capture Flow Overview
Create Transaction in Source Product Flow
Authorize Transaction from Source Product Flow
      Receive Payment System Response
      Perform Instrument Risk Evaluation
      Process Response: Map Errors
      Store Information in Transaction Authorization Entity
      Send Results Notification
      Perform Error-Handling
      Store Reference to Authorization Entity
Settle Transaction from Receivables Flow
      Automatic Funds Capture Process Flow
      Receive Funds Capture Process Request
      Read Funds Capture Process Profile and Payment System for each Settlement
      Settlement Validation
      Settlement Batch Creation
      Extract and Format Operation
      Security Operation
      Transmission Operation
      Acknowledgement Process
Automatic Funds Capture Process Flow in Oracle Receivables

Funds Capture Process Home Pages

Funds Capture Process Home Page
Searching and Viewing Settlement Batch Information
Searching and Viewing Authorization Information
Searching and Viewing Settlement Information
Searching and Viewing Credit Information
Retrying Transactions
Creating Settlement Batches
Retrying Settlement Batches
Fetching Settlement Batch Clearing
Submitting Offline Transactions

Funds Disbursement Process Flows

Funds Disbursement Overview Flow
Document Creation Flow
Document Selection Flow
Payment Process Request Flow
Account/Profile Assignment Flow
Document Validation Flow
Payment Creation Flow
Review/Modify Process Flow
Payment Instruction Creation Flow
Payment Instruction Validation Failure Handling Flow
Format Payment Instructions
Extract and Format Operation Flow
Security Operation Flow
Transmission Process Flow
      Supporting Transmission Configuration
Print Payment Documents Flow
Record Print Status Flow
Separate Remittance Advice Flow
Printing Payment Documents
Making Single Payments
      Single Payment Flow - Part 1
      Single Payment Flow - Part 2
      Electronic Subflow
      Oracle Payables Void and Reissue Flow
Record Manual Payment Flow

Funds Disbursement Process Home Pages

Payment Process Overview
Managing the Payment Process
Overview of the Funds Disbursement Process Home Pages
Completing Assignments
Resolving Document Validation Errors
Resolving Payment Validation Errors
Reviewing Proposed Payments
Resolving Payment Instruction Validation Errors
Payment Instruction Status of Created
Transmitting Payment Instructions
Resolving Payment Instruction Transmission Failure
Printing Payment Documents
Reprinting Payment Documents
Recording the Print Status of Prenumbered Payment Documents
Recording the Print Status of Non-Prenumbered Documents
Marking Payments Complete
Recording Stop Payments Requests
Resolving Stop Payments Requests
Voiding Payments
Voiding all Payments
Supporting SEPA Credit Transfer

Credit Card Processing Analytics

Credit Card Processing Analytics Overview
Oracle Payments Credit Card Processing Analytics User Interface
Transaction Summary - Daily
Transaction Summary - Weekly
Transaction Summary - Monthly
Transaction Summary - Transaction Trends
Transaction Summary - System Trends
Transaction Summary - Card Type Trends
Transaction Summary - Failure Trends
Payee Summary
Daily Summary by Payee
Weekly Summary by Payee
Monthly Summary by Payee
Transaction Summary - Transaction Trends by Payee
Transaction Summary - System Trends by Payee
Transaction Summary - Card Type Trends by Payee
Transaction Summary - Failure Trends