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Oracle Payments Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13416-05
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Transaction Testing

Testing Transactions

In a live instance of Oracle Payments, all transaction requests are submitted from a source product. While implementing Oracle Payments, however, it is possible that the Payment Administrator may wish to initiate transactions without source products to test Oracle Payments setup and the payment system connectivity. To allow the Payment Administrator to perform such basic testing, the Funds Capture Process Home page provides a Transaction Testing tab that enables him to initiate authorizations and settlements using credit cards or debit cards.

By default, the Payment Administrator does not have the Transaction Testing function available. It should only be enabled, through menu functions, for basic connectivity testing, and then disabled again before going live. Transactions initiated from Oracle Payments, rather than the source product, are not recorded in any source product, nor will they be accounted for. This creates potential for inconsistent data between applications at best, and opportunity for fraud or theft at the worst.

Warning: On a live instance of Oracle Payments, it is strongly recommended that the Transaction Testing function be disabled, thereby unassigning it from the Payment Administrator.

Creating and Testing Authorizations

The Transaction Testing tab is comprised of a Transaction Testing Search page, a three-page train for testing the initiation and submission of authorizations, and a Create Settlement page, which enables the Payment Administrator to provide Oracle Payments with the settlement amount for testing purposes.