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Oracle Public Sector Financials (International) User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13418-03
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Standing Charges Report Procedures

Standing Charges Reports

The following table describes the standing charges reports:

Standing Charges Reports
Report Name Description
Standing Charges: Generate Interface Data Creates invoices for standing charges due for payment until a specific date. This report is run whenever required during a period.
AutoInvoice Validates transaction data from other financial systems from which invoices, debit memos, credit memos, and on-account credits are created. Receivables rejects transactions with invalid information to guarantee data integrity. This report is run once at the end of each period.

Note: Run this report in Oracle Receivables.

Standing Charges: Synchronize Standing Charges Prevents duplicate charges by synchronizing standing charges with the AutoInvoice. This report is run once at the end of each period and immediately after the AutoInvoice Report is run.
Standing Charges: Charge Item Price History Report Lists all price updates made to charge line items of a particular standing charge or range of standing charges.
Standing Charges: Item Price History Lists price history details and related standing charge lines, if the update is made by a global price update request.
Standing Charges: Listing Report Displays details of all standing charges, with options for displaying standing charges that are nearing their due date for invoice generation or are due for renewal.
Standing Charges: Transaction History Report Lists invoices generated for a general ledger period.
Standing Charges: Transaction Displays details of invoices generated from one or more standing charges.
Standing Charges: Preliminary Invoice Register The output will display agreements which won't generate transaction in AR for some cases like : Tax Code has been end-dated, Period is disabled, or Item end-dated. Use this report to preview the results of a planned invoice run before submitting the generate invoice program.