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Oracle Public Sector Financials (International) User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13418-03
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Reporting Currency Transactions to General Ledger and Commitment Budgetary Control Process


This appendix addresses generation of reporting currency information for Commitment Budgetary Control (CBC) and standard budgetary control (SBC) when reporting currency is installed.


When Contract Commitment transactions are entered, the transactions are converted to the reporting functional currency at the time of original entry if functional currency is enabled. The ledger currency amounts and their associated reporting currency amounts are stored together in Contract Commitment. The transactions are posted to General Ledger in both the primary set of books and the reporting set of books.

The reporting currency is a currency other than the ledger currency for which report accounting data is required. A ledger for each of the reporting currencies must be defined.

For information on defining a ledger, see Defining Ledgers, Oracle General Ledger User's Guide.

When a user enters transactions, reporting currency converts the transactions into ledger currency and each of the user’s reporting currencies as shown in the table below.

Reporting Currency Transaction Conversion
Transaction Type Description
Ledger Currency Transactions All transactions denominated in the user’s ledger currency are recorded in this currency. The transactions are also converted to each of the user’s reporting currency.
Foreign Currency Transactions Transactions denominated in a foreign currency are converted automatically to the user’s ledger currency and to each reporting currency.

Creating Commitment Budgetary Control Journal Entry Lines in Reporting Currency

The trigger for CBC to generate CBC Journal Entry (JE) lines in the reporting currency is when the status of the ledger CBC JE lines changes from T for Temporary to P for Permanent. The ledger CBC JE lines are now permanent records, which means that the Funds Check for Funds Reservation passed in both CBC and SBC.

Based on General Ledger Conversion Rules, an API creates CBC JE Batches and CBC JE Lines in the IGC_CBC_MC_JE_BATCHES and IGC_CBC_ME_JE_LINES tables, respectively, for each reporting currency associated with the ledger.