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Oracle Financials for Asia/Pacific User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13419-03
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Oracle Financials for Asia/Pacific User Guide


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Regional Overview



Oracle Inventory
      Associate Subinventories and Locations
      Australian Inventory Internal Charges Report
Oracle Purchasing
      Import Requisitions
      Define Automatic Accounting
Oracle Assets
      Assets Revaluation
      Australian Revalued Asset Sales Report
      Australian Assets Revaluation Report


      Setting up the Solution for China Accounting Software Data Interface Standard
      Related Product Setup Steps
      Setup Check List
      Setup Steps
Exporting Financial Data
Generating the Cash Flow Statement
      Setting Up the Cash Flow Statement
      Daily Transactions
      Generating the Cash Flow Statement
Reports and Concurrent Requests
      Account and Journal Itemization Program
      Character Set Conversion Program
      Renaming Program


Bank Transfer
      Setting up Bank Transfer
      Setting Up Disbursement System Options
      Setting up Discount Distribution Options
      Defining the Payment Format
      Setting Up Your Bank Account
      Setting up Your Supplier's Bank Account
      Setting up Supplier/Supplier Site
      Creating Settlement Batches
      Bank Charge Accounting Upon Payment Report
      Bank Charge Accounting Upon Notification Report
Bank Charges
      Bank Charges Overview
      Setting up Bank Charges
      Bank Charges Hierarchy
      Defining Bank Charges
      Bank Charges Report
      Using AutoLockbox
      Alternate Name (Zengin Receipts)
      AutoLockbox Validation
      Lockbox Tables and Column Descriptions
      Running AutoLockbox
      Importing Zengin Format Data Using AutoLockbox
      Maintaining Zengin Lockbox Transmission Data
      Deleting Records from the Alternate Names Table
      Maintaining Lockbox Transmission Data
      Alternate Customer Name Receipt Matching Report
Oracle Payables Reports
      Invoice Transaction Check Report
      Actual Payment Report
      Payment Schedule Report
      Invoice Register by Detail
Oracle Assets
      Japanese Depreciable Assets Tax Reports


Oracle Payables
      Withholding Tax in Korea
      Setting Up Oracle Payables for Withholding Tax
      1. Define Locations
      2. Enable Withholding Tax
      3. Define Income Category Codes
      4. Define Withholding Tax Codes
      5. Define Withholding Tax Groups
      Defining Suppliers
      Korean Withholding Tax Report
VAT in Korea
      Setting Up for VAT
      1. Define Locations
      2. Set Up Tax Regimes and Taxes
      3. Maintain Korean VAT Reporting Types
      Korean VAT Tax Report


Setting Up for Singapore Reporting
Singaporean GST F5 Report
Singaporean Input Taxes Gain/Loss Report


Government Uniform Invoice (GUI)
      Government Uniform Invoice Overview
      Setting Up for Government Uniform Invoice
      Setting Up Company and Tax Information
      Setting Up Taiwanese VAT
      Defining Default Government Uniform Invoice Types
      Defining Government Uniform Invoice Books
Oracle Payables
      Taiwanese Input VAT Report
      Taiwanese Payables Sales/Purchase Return and Discount Certificate
      Taiwanese Purchase Return and Discount Report
Oracle Receivables
      Government Uniform Invoice Overview
      Setting Up for Government Uniform Invoice
      Generating Government Uniform Invoices
      Example of Generation
      Voiding Government Uniform Invoices
      Taiwanese Output VAT Report
      Taiwanese Receivables Government Uniform Invoice Report
      Taiwanese Receivables Zero-Rate Tax Report
      Taiwanese Sales Return and Discount Report
Cross-Product Reports
      Taiwanese EDI Government Uniform Invoice
      Taiwanese Pro Forma 401 Report

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