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Oracle Transportation Management Integrating Oracle Transportation Management with Oracle E-Business Suite
Release 12.1
Part Number E13432-05
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Oracle Payables

Overview of Oracle Transportation Management Integration with Oracle Payables

Oracle Transportation Management integrates with Oracle Payables to enable freight payment. Oracle Transportation Management performs an audit and approval of freight payments, and then passes the payment information to Oracle Payables, through the use of the Send Voucher interface. The Send Voucher interface transmits the voucher data to Oracle Payables through BPEL. The Payables Open Interface Import interface is run to import the vouchers into the Oracle Payables tables. The invoice is then created, validated, and ultimately paid in Oracle Payables.

Send Voucher Interface

The Send Voucher interface enables you to send freight payment vouchers from Oracle Transportation Management to Oracle Payables through the use of Oracle Transportation Execution external systems and BPEL

Interface Parameters

The following defines the setup for the Voucher Interface.

  1. Within Oracle Transportation Management, define an external system to send to the BPEL instance. See: Oracle Transportation Management External System Configuration.

    The BPEL instance will be configured as a web service in Oracle Transportation Management and each outbound flow requires its own web service and external system. Further details regarding how to configure the OTM External System are available in the OTM Help documentation (Help > How To > EBS to OTM).

  2. Select the voucher that you are sending.

  3. Run the Action Send Voucher Interface.

  4. Select the External System that is configured with the Web Service for BPEL.

  5. Set the Notify Type to Service.

You can also configure an automation agent to trigger the voucher to be sent to E-Business Suite automatically.

Implementing Oracle Transportation Management with Oracle Payables

The implementation of Oracle Transportation and Oracle Payables consists of the APInvoice XML transaction. The XML mapping is detailed in the Oracle Payables XML Mapping section of the XML Mapping appendix.