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Oracle Receivables: Golden Tax Adaptor for Mainland China User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13436-04
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This chapter covers the following topics:

Introduction to Golden Tax

Golden Tax is one of the Golden Projects initiated by the Chinese government to modernize the information technology of that country. The Golden Tax project refers to an integrated nationwide value-added tax (VAT) monitoring system. It was launched to establish a national computerized taxation network to eliminate tax evasion by business establishments. Under this Golden Tax project, all businesses operating in Mainland China are required to use a government-certified tax software referred to as Golden Tax software for generating VAT invoices, VAT calculations, and statutory tax reporting. Chinese government policies require all businesses to issue all VAT invoices through the Golden Tax system.

The Golden Tax Adaptor application provides a seamless integration between Oracle Receivables and the Golden Tax software system. The Golden Tax Adaptor application also streamlines the process of creating VAT invoices against Oracle Receivables documents. This feature integrates with the Golden Tax software provided by the Aisino Corporation, which is the leading provider of Golden Tax software in Mainland China.

Overview of the Golden Tax Adaptor

the picture is described in the document text

The preceding diagram illustrates the integration of Golden Tax Adaptor with the Aisino Golden Tax System. Key points about the Golden Tax Adaptor are:


Major features of the Golden Tax Adaptor include: