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Oracle Proposals Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13442-04
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Oracle Proposals Profile Options

This appendix covers the following topics:

Before You Begin

Before making Oracle Forms settings, ensure that all Oracle Applications server processes are up and running. In particular, if you stopped concurrent managers before applying Oracle Applications patch sets, restart them now by changing to $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts, and executing <APPS username/APPS password> start.

Setting Profile Options

Use the following procedure to set any profile option.


Oracle Forms > Profile > System > Find Profile System Values window


Level: Check the level(s) at which you want to set the profile option: Site, Application, Responsibility, and/or User.

Profile: Enter the profile name or a wildcard search criterion such as PRP%, to find the profile option you are looking for.

Oracle Proposals Profile Options

When implementing Oracle Proposals, you must set the profile options listed in Table A-1.

Table A-1 Oracle Proposals Profile Options
Profile Name Category Description Level Default
PRP: Access to Unpublished Templates Security Determines whether users with proposal administrator responsibility have access to create proposals using unpublished templates. SARU No
PRP: Email Proposals to External Parties Setup Determines whether users can e-mail proposals directly to someone outside the customer's contact list.
If set to Yes, then users can e-mail proposals to recipients by directly entering valid e-mail addresses in the "Additional Cc" or "Bcc" fields, as well as selecting recipients from a pre-defined list of customer contacts.
PRP: Enable Real Time Proposal Assignment Setup If set to Yes, then resources are assigned as soon as a transaction is created or updated and the batch Territory Assignment Program (TAP) concurrent program has run. See the Oracle TeleSales Implementation Guide for details on TAP. S No
PRP: Manager Update Access Security Determines the level of access a manager has to the subordinate’s proposals. If set to View Data, the manager can only view the subordinate’s proposals. If set to Update Data, the manager can update the subordinate’s proposals. If set to Inherit Data, the manager inherits the subordinate's access. If the subordinate has view-only access, the manager inherits the same. If the subordinate has update access, the manager can update proposals of the subordinate. If the manager has multiple subordinates, the manager inherits the highest level of access.
Valid values are View Data, Update Data, and Inherit Data.
PRP: Max File Size in KB for Template Online Preview Setup Determines the maximum size of the combined file for which preview is enabled. A document that exceeds this value cannot be previewed, and the user receives an error message.
If the profile option value is set to Null, preview is always enabled.
S Null
PRP: Maximum File Size For Online Generation Setup Determines maximum file size for proposals that are generated online. A document that exceeds this value is generated offline, and the Generate Proposal Concurrent Manager starts automatically. The value entered must be numeric.
If the profile option value is set to Null, generation is performed online.
S Null
PRP: Proposal Access Privilege Security Determines user access to all proposals; overrides Sales Team access, even if set to Full. Valid values are Sales Team and Full. SARU Sales Team
PRP: SMTP Server Name Setup Provides the SMTP server name to be used for sending proposals by e-mail. Users should be given access to the SMTP server from the middle tier. Otherwise, users might receive errors when attempting to send proposals by e-mail. S N/A
PRP: SMTP Server Port Setup Provides the port number of the SMTP server to be used when connecting to the SMTP server. If no value is provided, the e-mail is sent using the default port (port number 25) of the SMTP server. S N/A
PRP: Default Number of Days for Proposal Due Date Setup Sets the default due date in all new proposals during the proposal creation process. The due date is equal to the current date plus the set value in this profile in terms of days. ARU 10
PRP: Use Oracle Content Manager Setup Enables the administrator to determine the level of Oracle Content Manager integration.
Valid values are Mandatory, Optional, and No.
If set to Mandatory, users can select files from the Oracle Content Manager Library or Folders. When adding files from a desktop, users must store the files in an Oracle Content Manager Folder.
If set to Optional, users can store files added from the desktop in an Oracle Content Manager Folder. Users can select files from the Oracle Content Manager Library or Folders and add them to a proposal.
If set to No, users cannot add or store files from Oracle Content Manager.

Oracle Content Manager Profile Options

Specific Oracle Content Manager profile options must be set during Oracle Proposals implementation.

Table A-2 Oracle Content Manager Profile Options
Profile Name Category Description Level Default
IBC: Default Home Folder Setup Determines which folder in Oracle Content Manager is used as the default folder for users to store files.
For the proposals administrator, the default folder is the seeded Documents folder.
IBC: Use Access Control Security To remain consistent with Oracle Content Manager's security, Oracle Proposals uses this profile option. If this profile is set to Yes, Oracle Content Manager takes into account the permissions set at the folder and category levels and Proposals users will need the appropriate permissions to update, view, or upload files in the Oracle Content Manager folders and library. If the profile is set to No, Oracle Content Manager does not look at the permissions and gives full access to the folders and categories. Proposals users will have the ability to access any folder or/category and will be able to upload, view, or update to any folder.
See Appendix B, Permissions for Oracle Content Manager, for details.

Oracle Trading Community Architecture Profile Options

The Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA) profile options HZ: Default Customer Type and HZ: Enable DQM Party Search must be set during Oracle Proposals implementation. See the Oracle Sales Implementation Guide for details on these profile options.