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Oracle Public Sector Financials User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13449-04
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Funds Available Detail Report Procedures


The Funds Available Detail report differs from Oracle General Ledger which displays budget, actual, and encumbrance balances for posted transactions only.

Note: The Funds Available Detail Report must be manually enabled in Oracle System Administrator and added to the General Ledger Standard report set.

The Funds Available Detail report combines the Budget - Encumbrance - Actual = Funds Available format of the Funds Available Inquiry and Budget - Funds Available Analysis standard report with transaction detail for all amount types, all in the same report. This enables users to see budget execution down to the detail transaction level in a single report. Users can also trace a series of related transactions through the procure-to-pay process.

Note: This report is run from within a General Ledger responsibility. To set up this report, see step 7. Define Request Groups.

The following information is displayed for each account:

The ending balance is displayed as the beginning balance for the next period.

For information on viewing available funds in General Ledger, see Viewing Funds Available, Oracle General Ledger User's Guide.

Funds Available Detail Report Procedure

To generate the Funds Available Detail report:

  1. In General Ledger, navigate to the Submit Request window.

  2. In the Name field, select Funds Available Detail.

  3. In the Ledger field, select the ledger.

  4. In the Budget field, select a budget.

  5. In the Summary Template field, select a summary template.

    Note: If no template name is selected, the report runs on all summary accounts in the selected ledger.

  6. In the Account From field, enter the low end of the account code combination range for the report.

  7. In the Account To field, enter the high end of the account code combination range for the report.

  8. In the Amount Type field, select one of the following amount types from the :

  9. In the Period From field, select a start period.

  10. In the Period To field, select an end period.

  11. In the Delete Existing Definition field, select Yes or No.

    Note: This parameter is to decide whether the user wants to create the data or delete the data for the ledger. If the parameter is Yes, the program should delete the delete the report definitions and account assignments in the setup for the Ledger selected.

  12. To apply the parameters, click OK.

  13. To send the request to the concurrent manager, click Submit.

    The Decision pop-up window appears.

  14. To submit another request, click Yes or to continue, click No.

  15. View the request in the concurrent manager as follows:

    View - Requests