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Oracle U.S. Federal Financials Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13455-04
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Treasury Account Codes Setup

Treasury Account Codes Overview

Accounts are the basis for reporting for the Federal Government's financial transactions. Accounts are classified as receipt or expenditure accounts and are assigned to a fund type and treasury account code or funds group based on account characteristics and the nature of the transactions that the account supports.

Treasury account codes are required to run these processes:

Note: FACTS II uses the term Treasury Account Code and FACTS I uses the term Fund Group to refer to the same field.

Treasury account codes are also required to enter data in the Define Federal Account Symbols window.

These rollup groups are required by FACTS:

Users define Treasury account codes in the Federal Account Symbols and Titles (FAST) Book, a supplement of the Treasury Financial Manual.

Defining Treasury Account Codes

To define treasury account codes, navigate to the Define Treasury Account Codes window.

The following table describes selected fields on the Define Treasury Account Codes window.

Define Treasury Account Codes Window Description
Field Name Description
Treasury Account Code Treasury account code; assigned by Department of Treasury
Rollup If selected, indicates that this is a rollup treasury account code that is to be reported in FACTS I
Federal Account Symbol Name Treasury account code description; also called federal account symbol name
Fund Type Fund type, such as General Fund, Deposit Fund, Trust Fund, Special Fund, Revolving Fund Receipt Account, Management and Consolidated Working Fund, or Clearing Account
Receipt Account Receipt account type; enabled when Fund Type is General Fund, Special Fund, or Trust Fund. Valid values include Available and Unavailable
FACTS I Rollup Determines what rollup treasury account code or fund group that the selected treasury account code belongs to for FACTS I reporting.

Note: This field is available if the fund type is Clearing Account or Deposit Fund or if the receipt account is unavailable. This field is disabled if Rollup is selected.

[Descriptive Flexfield] user-customization field