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Oracle U.S. Federal Financials Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13455-04
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Third Party Payments Setup


The third party payment setup lets you create third party payment relationships between suppliers.

Use the Third Party Payment Assignments windows to complete these tasks:

Assigning Third Party Payments

To set up third party payment assignments, navigate to the Third Party Assignments window.

The following table describes selected fields on the Third Party Assignments.

Third Party Payment Assignments Window Description
Field Name Description
Operating Unit Operating unit of the record.

Note: The list of values includes operating units assigned to the MO: Security profile.

Name Original supplier
Site Original supplier's site of which the user’s operating unit has been granted access.
Party Name Third party payee
Party Site Third party payee's site
Supplier Name Third party payee’s supplier name. The payee does not have to be a supplier.
Payment Function Payee's payment function
Banker Name Payee's bank name
Account Number Payee's bank account number
Start Date Date on which assignment begins. The date can be earlier than the system date because users can back date payment process requests.
End Date Date on which assignment ends. End date must be greater than or equal to the system date and the start date.