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Oracle U.S. Federal Financials Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13455-04
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Delinquent Invoice Referral Setup


You can define control information to be used during the electronic submission of overdue invoices to Debt Management Services (DMS) in the Delinquent Invoice Referral Definitions window.

Setting Up Delinquent Invoice Referrals

To set up delinquent invoice referral definitions, navigate to the Delinquent Invoice Referral Definitions window.

The following table describes selected fields on the Delinquent Invoice Referral Definitions window.

Delinquent Invoice Referral Definitions Window Description
Field Name Description
Operating Unit Operating unit of the record.

Note: The list of values include operating units assigned to the MO: Security profile.

Agency ID Agency identifier as defined by DMS. Enter one agency id per operating unit. The agency id can be changed, but the record cannot be deleted.
Description Agency identifier description
Program Segment Program or activity segment of the accounting flexfield. Once the program segment value is saved and at least one program code is recorded, program segment cannot be changed.
File Transmission Count Indicates how many files have been formatted and transmitted to DMS
Account Class Account class that is used to derive the program segment value; includes Receivable or Revenue. If Revenue is selected, the delinquent referral process obtains the program segment from the first revenue distribution associated with the first invoice line.
Program Code Program code as assigned by DMS; can be added, updated, and deleted
Description Program code description
Segment Value Segment value from the Program Segment selected in the Agency Definitions region; can only be assigned to one program code within the operating unit
Description Accounting Flexfield segment description