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Oracle Quoting Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13462-07
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Setting Up Web Publishing

This chapter covers the following topics:

Overview of Web Publishing

Web publishing functionality allows sales representatives to publish quotes to customers through Oracle iStore specialty sites.


When a sales representative publishes a quote to iStore, an iStore API validates the published quote and returns exception messages to Quoting if the attempt to publish is not successful.

The following validations will be performed when you attempt to publish to a minisite:

If any of the validations fail, the quote will not be published.

Enabling Web Publishing

Use of web publishing functionality in Quoting Forms is controlled by the profile option ASO: Enable Web Publishing. For more information on Quoting profile options, see Appendix A "Profiles in Oracle Quoting".

In Quoting HTML, you must enable the web publishing functionality by exposing various fields related to web publishing using OA Personalization. See Web Publishing in the OA Personalization section.

Caution: If a quote is Web Published or if an Oracle iStore user requests for a sales representative’s assistance, then the user cannot change the Customer Name.

You must also set the profile IBE: iStore Non Secure URL to iStore URL at the application level. See Profiles in Oracle Quoting for more information.

Note: If you are using the HTML UI and are integrated with Oracle Sales, you must set IBE: iStore Non Secure URL at the Application level for the application Oracle Sales. If you are not integrated with Oracle Sales, the profile should be set at the Application level for Oracle Quoting.

Setting Up a Specialty Site

Web Publishing functionality requires the setup of specialty sites in Oracle iStore. Customers can access published quotes through these Specialty Sites. Oracle Quoting supports public and restricted specialty sites. For information on setting up specialty sites, refer to the Oracle iStore Implementation Guide.

Customizing Publish Notifications

You can customize publish notifications based on Organization ID, Minisite ID, and User Type. You can still use the iStore Merchant UI to configure Quoting notifications. Refer to the Oracle iStore Implementation and Administration Guide for more information.

The HTML user interface of Quoting provides notifications for the following events:

To customize these notifications, you must:

  1. Create a lookup for the merchant UI

  2. Customize notification

  3. Add a new message in the work template file

Create a lookup for the merchant UI

The FND lookup type IBE_WF_NOTIFICATION is used by the iStore Merchant UI to render each notification available for configuration, where the meaning of the lookup code in the merchant UI is available as a link.

Update the FND lookup type IBE_WF_NOTIFICATION with the following lookup codes:

The following table shows an example of how you could set up the lookup codes:

Example Set Up of Lookup Codes for Lookup Type IBE_WF_NOTIFICATION
Lookup Code Name
Quoting FND User Registration
Quoting Publish Executable Quote
Quoting Publish Un-executable Quote

Customize the Notification

After entering the lookup codes, you must use the merchant UI to configure Quoting publish notifications.

Login to the JTF Login Page with the IBE_ADMIN responsibility.

Navigate to Menu > Notifications.

Adding a new message in the work template file

iStore uses a workflow item type iStore Alerts Workflow as the placeholder for iStore notification templates.