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Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13465-04
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Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications User's Guide


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Mobile Supply Chain Applications Overview

Overview of Mobile Supply Chain Applications
      Mobile Applications Server
Mobile Supply Chain Applications User Interface
Mobile Manufacturing
Mobile Quality
Mobile Materials Management
Enterprise Asset Management
Shop Floor Management


Logging On, Selecting Menu Options and Organizations
Navigating in Mobile Supply Chain Applications
      Window List of Values Windows
Function Key and Action Button Mappings

Setting Up

Overview of Setting Up
Related Product Setup Steps
Setup Flowchart
Setup Checklist
Setup Steps
Defining Parameters

Mobile Manufacturing

Overview of Mobile Manufacturing
Assembly Transactions
Moving Assemblies
Completing Jobs
Return Transactions
Scrapping Assemblies
Return Assemblies from Scrap
Rejecting Assemblies
Return from Reject
Material Transactions
Picking for Manufacturing
Serial Assembly Transactions
Moving Serial Assemblies
Completing Serialized Assemblies
Serialized Move Completions
Serialized Return Transactions
Serial Material Transactions
Serial Status
Label Printing
Viewing Job and Flow Schedule Information
Work Order-Less Transactions
Flow Manufacturing Transactions
Resource Transactions

Mobile Quality

Overview of Mobile Quality
Entering Results for Mobile Quality
Viewing Specifications
Mobile Skip Lot
Viewing Skip Lot Results
Mobile Sampling
Skip Lot and Sampling Inspections

Mobile Materials Management

Overview of Mobile Materials Management
Receiving Transactions
      Standard Receipts
Receiving Standard Purchase Orders
Receiving Standard Internal Shipments
Receiving Standard Return Material Authorizations
Receiving Standard Internal Requisitions
Receiving Standard Items Against an Unknown Document Type
Item Receipts
Material Receipt Inspections
Delivering Material
Inventory Transactions
Inventory Receipts
Inventory Issues
Inventory Transfers
Transacting Move Orders
Inventory Move Orders
Consigned and Vendor Managed Inventory
Inventory Replenishment
Cycle Counting
Physical Inventory
Replenishment Counting
Picking and Shipping Items
Pick Confirm
Mobile Shipping
Setting Up Label Formats
Inventory Inquiries

Enterprise Asset Management

Overview of Enterprise Asset Management

Using Barcode Identifiers

Overview of Barcode Identifiers in Mobile Supply Chain Applications
Oracle DI Functionality
Oracle Mobile Applications DI Flow
Setup for DI Support

Using Configurable Barcode Delimiter

Overview of Configurable Barcode Delimiter in Mobile Supply Chain Applications
Configurable Barcode Delimiters Profile Options

Windows and Navigator Paths

Mobile Materials Management Menu
Mobile Manufacturing Menu
Mobile Quality Menu