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Oracle Financials RXi Reports Administration Tool User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13480-03
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Printing RXi Reports

Using the RXi Reports Concurrent Program

Use the Publish RX Reports concurrent program to generate an RXi report. You can generate an RXi report with one of the report's default attribute sets, or with an attribute set that you defined in the Attribute Set window. The report prints according to the layout definition of the attribute set. You can print reports in text, html, CSV, or tab-delimited format.

There are two steps involved in generating an RXi report:

The RXi report and Publish RX Reports concurrent program can run together in one step, depending on the setup of RXi reports and concurrent programs:

Use the Standard Request Submission windows to submit the RXi report and the Publish RX Reports concurrent program.

Publish RX Reports Report Parameters

If you run the RXi report and Publish RX Reports concurrent program together in one step, the Attribute Set and Output Format parameters are included in the list of RXi report parameters.

If you need to submit the Publish RX Reports concurrent program separately after you run the RXi report, use the Requests window to obtain the RXi report request ID.

Request ID - Enter the request ID for the RXi report that you want to generate (if necessary).

Attribute Set - Enter the attribute set that you want to use to generate the report.

Output Format - Enter Text, HTML, CSV, or Tab Delimited.

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