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Oracle Cash Management User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13483-04
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Profile Options

This appendix the profile options affecting the Cash Management operations.

This appendix covers the following topics:

Setting Profile Options for Cash Management

During your implementation, you set a value for selected profile options to specify how your Cash Management application controls access to and processes data.

Generally, the system administrator sets and updates profile values. The system administrator may set profile options during setup of other applications before your Cash Management implementation. Refer to the other product user guides for more details on how other products use these profile options.

Profile Options Summary

You can view and update certain profile options. The following table shows whether you or the system administrator can view or update profile option values at each level: Site, Application, Responsibility, and User. Use the Personal Profile Options window to view or set your profile options at the user level. You can consult theProfile Options in Oracle Application Object Library, Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide - Maintenancefor a list of profile options common to all Oracle Applications.

The key for this table is:

Profile Options in Cash Management

CE: Bank Account Security - This profile option specifies the bank accounts you can access in Cash Management.

Profile Options Affecting, But Not Owned By, Cash Management

Because some Oracle Applications products have overlapping functions, many profile options affect more than one product's operation.

The following General Ledger profile options affect the operation of Cash Management, even if you have not installed General Ledger.

The following Application Object Library profile options also affect the operation of Cash Management:

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