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Oracle Universal Work Queue User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13500-04
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Oracle Universal Work Queue User Guide


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Product Description

      Phone Extension Window
      Work Distribution
      Work Launch Rules for Application Work

User Procedures

Getting Started
Work Selector Display Style
Navigating Universal Work Queue
Working on Application Work Items
Configuring Work Sources
Viewing Work Items in the Work Summary Panel
Selecting Work from the Work Summary Panel
Next Work Delivery and Distribution
Rescheduling Work
Requesting Work
Getting Work
Using the Work Panel
Viewing Notes
Entering a New Note
Viewing Work Item Detail
Assigning a New Action
Acting Upon a Work Item
Viewing the Message Panel
Working on Media Work Items
Handling Inbound Telephone Calls
Working on Outbound Campaigns
Returning Web Callbacks
Managing Blended Calls
Viewing Your Email Workload
Resetting an Interaction
Using the icWork Controller
Managing Notices from the icWork Controller
Work Access Controls
Viewing Current Activity Status and Timer
Managing Sessions
Taking a Break from Your Session
Ending Your Universal Work Queue Session
Managing Nodes and Counts
Hide Node Counts
Display Node Counts
Hide a Single Node
Hide Specific Nodes
Hide All Nodes
Display One or More Hidden Nodes
Display All Hidden Nodes
Change the Display Order of Nodes
Refresh Selective Node Counts
Refresh All Node Counts
Refresh Individual Node or Sub-Node Counts
Working with Quick Filters
Quick Filter Components
Setting and Applying Quick Filter Criteria
Clearing Quick Filters
Restoring the Default Quick Filter