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Oracle Receivables User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13522-04
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Attachments in Oracle Receivables

Attachments in Receivables

To illustrate or clarify your application data, you can link non-structured data such as images, word processing documents, spreadsheets, or video to more structured application data. For example, you could attach an image file to an invoice to show the item or items that your customer ordered.

The Attachment icon in the toolbar indicates whether the Attachments feature is enabled in a Receivables window. When the button is greyed out, the Attachment feature is not available. When the Attachment feature is enabled in a window, the icon becomes a solid paper clip. The icon changes to a paper clip holding a paper when the Attachment feature is enabled in a window and the current record has at least one attachment.

To view the attachment, choose the Attachment icon, or choose Attachments from the View menu.

In Receivables, you can use Attachments in the following windows and pages:

Viewing Attachments from Related Windows

In certain windows, Receivables also lets you view attachments from related windows.

For example, you can view a file attached to a customer record when looking at that customer's transaction in the Transactions window.

To see attachments that are attached to related entities, choose Attachments from the View menu, or choose the Attachment icon, to open the Attachments window. When you check the Include Related Documents check box, the Attachments window queries those related attachments as well as the attachments for the base entity.

In Receivables, you can see:

For more information, see: About Attachments, Oracle Applications User's Guide.