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Oracle Receivables User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13522-04
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Oracle Receivables Documents on the Desktop

Desktop Documents

Desktop Documents is an Oracle Applications feature that lets you save an Oracle Receivables window and the current record to the Navigator for easy access. You can use this feature as a to-do list or to quickly resume working on a specific record after attending to more urgent tasks.

For example, you are viewing information about a customer account in the Account Details window, but another task requires your immediate attention. To save the Account Details window and the customer account information, choose Place on Navigator from the File menu. When you do this, Receivables creates an Account Details item in the Documents region on the Navigator.

When you are ready to resume work, you can quickly reopen the window by double clicking the Account Details icon. Receivables reopens the window, which still displays the record you were viewing when you placed it on the Navigator.

You can display your desktop documents either as icons or items in a list by selecting either the Icon View or List View radio buttons.

Note: If you have documents on the desktop when you exit Receivables, then Receivables displays the Documents region to remind you of the saved items the next time you log on.

Renaming and Removing Desktop Documents

To rename a document on the desktop, select it, and then choose the Rename button. Enter the new name in the Rename Label dialog, then choose OK. If you are displaying your desktop document in icon form, you can also display the Rename Label dialog by placing the cursor over the name of the item, and then double clicking.

To remove a desktop document, select the item, choose the Remove button, and then choose OK to acknowledge the message.

Receivables lets you save the following windows as Desktop Documents: