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Oracle Financial Services Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13527-03
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Oracle Financial Services Implementation Guide


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Implementing Oracle Financial Services Applications

Assigning Responsibilities to Users
Setting Profile Options
      Oracle Financial Services Applications Profile Options
Defining Value Sets and Global Value Set Combinations
      Working with Value Sets
      Working with Global Value Set Combinations
Setting Up Dimensions and Hierarchies
Setting Up and Populating Data Structures
      Populating the Interface Tables
      Populating the Data Model Using the Data Loaders
      Populating the Data Model Manually
      Populating the Data Model Using Data Loader Rules
Defining Application Preferences
Setting Up Data Set Groups
      Creating Data Set Groups
Enabling Currencies
Configuring iSetup and mapping instances for extracting and loading rules
Administering Data
      Setting Up Data Inspector Rules
      Creating Data Inspector Rules
      Performing Table and Column Registration Tasks
      Performing Dimension Administration Tasks
Defining Processing
      Setting Up Conditions
      Creating Conditions
      Creating and Updating Tuning Options
Configuring Reporting
Customizing Home Page
Configuring Workflow
Setting Up Security Folders

Oracle Transfer Pricing Implementation

Oracle Transfer Pricing Implementation Overview
Confirming Oracle Transfer Pricing Table Classification Assignments
Confirming Oracle Transfer Pricing Table Column Property Assignments
Defining a Line Item Hierarchy
Loading Data Using Web ADI

Oracle Profitability Manager Implementation

Oracle Profitability Manager Implementation Overview
Pre-Implementation Considerations
Specify Input and Output Columns for Mapping
Working with Composite Dimensions (Activity and Cost Object)
Set Up Statistics
Working with Statistic Definitions
Working with Column Population Templates

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