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Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Workforce Sourcing, Deployment, and Talent Management Guide (UK)
Release 12.1
Part Number E13531-12
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ADA reporting
  registering employees with disabilities link
  entering link
  floor or office numbers link
  for people link
Applicant assignment statuses
  mass update of link
  terminating applicant assignments link
  updating link
Applicant interviews link
Applicant status
  changing to accepted link
Applicants link link
  Applicant Details Report link
  cancelling a termination link
  cancelling records link
  checking information link
  creating applicant numbers link
  entering link
  entering new link
  hiring link link
  interviewing link
  making an offer link
  mass update of status link
  matching skills link
  referring to another recruiter link
  rehire recommendations for former employees link
  rejecting assignments link
  Requisition Summary Report link
  scheduling interviews link
  selection processing link
  terminating link link link link
  tracking progress link
  using folders for customized queries link
  viewing current list link
Application window link
  ending link
  entering information link link
  reactivating link
  recording link link
  terminating link
Appraisals link
  self-service actions link
Assessments, competency-based link
Assignment reporting
  Assignments Folder link
Assignment statuses link
  defining primary statuses link
  defining secondary statuses link
  defining user statuses link
  entering secondary statuses link
  primary statuses for applicants link
  processing options for employees link
  reporting on link
  secondary statuses for applicants link
  secondary statuses for employees link
  system statuses for applicants link
  system statuses for employees link
  terminating employee assignments link
  termination rules for employees link
  user statuses for employees link
  using for payroll processing link
  activating link
  creating link
  creating additional link
  ending secondary link
  entering additional details link
  for employees link
  numbering link
  suspending link
  terminating secondary link
  self-service actions link
Availability link link


Back-to-back applications link
Back-to-back hiring link
Bank information
  for BACS payment methods link
Bargaining unit
  entering on assignment link
Birth details, for payrolls link
Blood type
  entering employee details link
Business documents
  self-service actions link
Business processes
  self-service actions link


Calculate FTE for assignments
  running the process link
Calendar events
  setting up link
Cancelling a hire link
Career paths
  defining for jobs link
  defining for positions link
  naming link
  overview of link
Communication delivery methods
  entering link
Comparison Report, Student Employees link
  core link
  defining link
  during recruitment link
  essential link
  global link
  grouping link link
  local link
  measuring link
  methods of measurement link
  overview link
  proficiency levels link
  proficiency rating scales link
  Qualifications Framework details link
  querying link
  rating link
  reporting on link
  required certification link
  scope of link
  types link
  unit standard link
  uploading third-party definitions of link
Competency approach link
Competency measurement
  unit standard competencies link
  using proficiency levels link
  using rating scales link
Competency profiles
  creating link
  overview of link
  uses of link
Competency requirements link
  core link
  for business groups link
  for organizations, jobs, and positions link
  reporting on link
  uses of link
  viewing link
Competency types link
  defining link
Conclude Placement Report link
Conflicting actions
  managing link
Contacts link
  entering information link
Contingent workers
  assignment link
  assignment rate types link
  canceling a termination link
  Conclude Placement Report link
  defining a combination of assignment rate type and basis for link
  ending a placement link link
  ending assignments link
  entering assignment rates for link
  entering information link
  entering supplier information link
  hiring as employees link
  in SSHR link
  maintaining link
  managing assignment changes link
  managing multiple assignments link
  managing separately from employees link
  overview of link
  person types link
  security link
  suppliers of link
  terminating link link
  updating link
  using numbers to identify link
Contract letter types
  defining link
Contract statuses
  creating link
Contract types link
  assigning link
Contracts link
  deleting link
  entering link link
  generating and printing link
  maintaining link
  managing link
  referring an assignment to link
Core competencies link link
Correspondence languages link
  People Folder window link
  People window link link
  Special Information window link link


Dependents link
Deployment proposals
  deleting link
  overview link
  status values link
  updating link
Deployments, employee link
Document Management
  self-service actions link
  business link
Duplicate people
  checking for link
Duplicate person report
  running the link


Effective dates
  self-service actions link
  self-service actions link
Employee assignments
  allocation of costs for link
  and work structures link
  changes to and DateTrack link
  components of link
  contract link
  creating employee numbers link
  defining as primary link
  definition link
  ending one of multiple link
  entering assignment number link
  manager-level link link
  numbers for link
  payment methods for link
  primary assignments link
  terminating employee ends all link
  using multiple assignments link
  viewing current list link
employee assignments
  entering link
  entering assignment number link
Employee lists
  by assignment statuses link
  by organization link
  by personal information link
  by position link
  by position hierarchy link
  by special information type link
Employee numbering
  during transfer or secondment link
Employee reviews link
  background checks on link
  creating employee numbers link
  entering and maintaining link
  entering date of death link
  entering medical details of link
  entering miscellaneous details for link
  entering new link
  entering new office information link
  recording transfers and relocations link
  students link
  terminating link
  tracking competencies of link
  transferring between business groups link
Employment categories
  adding new link
  assigning employees to link
  full time and part time link
  in startup data link
employment categories
  assigning employees to link
Employment history link link
  entering link
Employment information
  entering link link
  entering previous link
  for employees and applicants link
  managing for groups and individuals link
employment information
  entering additional link
End assignment status link
Enter and Maintain Student Employee function link link link
Enter Process
  self-service actions link
Entering Employees window link
enterprise, selecting a reporting area for link
Event management link
  customizing Event Bookings window link
  overview of link
Ex-Contingent Workers
  starting new placements link
  starting employment link
Extra Information Types
  person link


Final Process date, updating link
Find Person window
  using link
Find window
  finding a person or group of people link
  deleting link
Folders for saved search criteria link
Former employees
  rehiring link
Free text information link
Full person details report
  running the link
Full time equivalent link


Genitive Last information
  entering for person link
Global competencies link
Global Deployments function link
Global person numbering link
Grade ladder
  entering link
  assigning employees to link
  assigning employees to link
Graphics link
Group folders
  creating new link
  managing your link


Headcount requirements link
Hire date
  changing link
Hiring process link
  back-to-back employment link
  back-to-back placements link
  cancelling a hire link
  hire date rules link
  hiring applicants link link
  hiring ex-contingent workers link
  hiring ex-employees link link
  setting up link
Hours of work link
HZ: Protect HR Person Information profile option link


Integrating HRMS and OSS link
  with applicants link
  with employees link
iRecruitment Create Enrollment Process
  running link


job categories link
Job competency requirements link link
  assigning employee to link
  career paths link
  assigning employee to link


Key flexfields
  Personal Analysis link


Local competencies link
  assigning employees to link
  assigning employees to link
Lookup types
  APL_EVENT_TYPE link link
  EMP_CAT link
  REC_TYPE link


Mail location information
  entry of link
  entering link
Manager-level assignments link
Mass applicant assignment update link
Mass assignment update link
Mass assignment update errors
  reviewing link
Mass employee assignment update link
Measurement methods for competencies, selecting link
Medical information link link


National insurance number
  using as employee number link


Oracle SSHR
  applying for vacancies link
  viewing vacancies link
Oracle Student System (OSS) link
Organization competency requirements link link
  assigning an employee to link
  listing employees assigned to link
  assigning an employee to link


Part time employment category link
Payment methods
  for employee assignments link
Payroll code number link
  assigning employees to link
  entering additional personal information link
  entering as contacts link
  in a global enterprise link
  managing link
  tracking link
People folders link
people groups
  assigning employees to link
People management link
  overview link
People window link
  entering additional personal information link
  using link
Performance rating scales, defining link
Performance ratings link
Person extra information types link
Person Full History Report
  Running link
Person record synchronization link
Person search lists
  removing title from link
Person synchronization report
  running the link
Person-name formats link
  Update Person Names concurrent program link
Personal Analysis key flexfield link
Personal information
  deleting link
  deleting contacts link
  displaying link
  entering link
  entering special information link
  entering unstructured information link
  inquiring and reporting on link link
  tracking roles and activities link
Physician's name
  entry of link
Pictures link
  ending a link
Position competency requirements link link
  assigning employee to link
  listing employees assigned to link
  assigning employee to link
Prefix information
  entering for person link
Primary assignments
  changing link
Probation period
  entering on assignments link
Proficiency levels
  entering for competencies link
  overview link
  reporting on link
  uploading third-party definitions of link
Proficiency rating scales
  behavioral indicators in link
  overview link
Proficiency rating scales, defining link
Progression points
  entering special ceiling for link
Promotions link
  recording information about link link
Public holidays link


Qualification types
  defining link
  overview of link
  recognized establishments link


Rating scales link
  attachments link
  default link
  defining link
  performance link
  proficiency link
  selecting for competencies link
  unit standard competencies link
  uploading third-party link
  weighting link
  activities link
  booking events link
  defining an activity link
  entering applicants link
  hiring link
  identifying vacancies link
  introduction link
  preparation link
  using the people management templates link
  work choices link
  Assignment Details link
  Assignment Status link
  Conclude Placement link
  Duplicate Person link
  Employee Payroll Movements link
  Employee Summary link
  Full Applicant Details link
  Full Personal Details (report set) link
  Head Count Detail link
  Person Full History link
  Person Synchronization link
  Requisition summary link
  Skills Matching link
  Terminations link
  Work Details link
  Worker Organization Movements link
  Workforce Count link
Requisition summary report link
Requisitions link
Requisitions preparation link
Resumes link
  checking for applicants link
  self-service actions link
  of employee performance link link link
  of salaries link


Salary basis
  assigning employees to link
Save for Later
  self-service actions link
Schedules link link
Schools and Colleges
  defining link
Search criteria or results
  saving to a folder link
Secondary employee assignment
  ending link
  terminating link
Secondments link
  maintaining employee records during link
  returning from link
  setting up link
Self-service actions
  approving link
  attachments link
  business documents link
  business processes link
  configuring link
  effective date link
  eligibility processing link
  Enter Process link
  initiating link
  overview link
  Review link
  Save for Later link
  selecting an action link
  What-If analysis link
Skills information link
Skills matching link link
Skills Matching Report link
Social security number
  using as employee number link
Special ceiling points link
Special Information Types
  defining link
  definition link
  enabling link
  entering link
  setting up link
  skills information link
  skills matching link
Special information types
  setting up link
Staffing budgets link
Standard work day link
Student Employees
  Comparison Report link
  defining a user person type for link
  excluding from US reports link
  maintaining records in HRMS and OSS link
  overview link
Suffix information
  entering for person link
Suitability Matching link
Suitability Matching function link
  entering on assignments link link
Suppliers, contingent worker link link
Synchronize OSS Data field, student person EIT link


Talent management link
  overview link
Telephone information
  adding link
Template windows
  Entering Employees link
  user interface link
  application link
Terminating employees link
  adding to reasons for link
  canceling a termination link
  processing pay after link
  termination rules link
  Terminations Report link
Third party payments
  defining a personal payment method link
  entering a payments recipient link
Third-party competency definitions
  uploading link
Title information
  entering for person link
Training information link link
Transaction data, purging link
Transfers and secondments
  approval process link
  deployment proposals, updating link
  maintaining employee records during link
  overview link
  setting up link
Turnover analysis link link


  recording employee membership of link
Update Person Names program link
Updating deployment proposals
  approval link
User statuses
  renaming link


  advertising internally link
  creating link
  entering full applications for link
  requisitions for link link
  updating link
  viewing link
Visa related data
  entering link


  creating student employee records link link
  uploading third-party competency definitions link
Weighting scales, defining link
What-If analysis
  self-service actions link
  Address link
  Applicant Entry link
  Applicant Interview link
  Application link link
  Assignment History link
  Assignment Statuses link
  Assignments Folder link
  Book Events link link
  Bulk Status Change link
  Career Path Name link
  Competence Profile link
  Competence Requirements link link
  Competency Types link
  Contact link
  Contracts link
  Delete Person link
  Employee Review link
  Event Bookings link link
  Find Competencies link
  Find Person link
  List Assignments link
  List Employees by Organization link
  List Employees by Position link
  List Employees by Position Hierarchy link
  List People by Assignment link
  List People by Special Information link
  maintaining personal information link
  Map Career Path link
  Mass Update of Applicants link
  People link link link
  People - Work Preferences link
  People Folder link
  Personal Address Information link
  Personal Payment Method link
  Picture link
  Qualifications link
  Rating Scales link
  Recruitment Activity link
  Requisition and Vacancy link
  Salary Administration link
  Schools and Colleges Attended link
  Secondary Statuses link
  Special Information link
  Special Information Types link
  Terminate link
  View Vacancies link
  Assignment link
Work day information link
Work preferences, entering for a worker link
Work schedules link
  selecting for an employee link
Work telephone information
  entry of link
Work-study program, student employees link
  Competence (Skill) Development Detail link
  Employee Anniversary and Birthday Detail link
  Employee by Supervisor Status link
  Employee Composition Analysis link
  Employee Hired or Terminated Detail link
  Employee Mailing Address Detail link
  Employee Organization Transfer Detail link
  Employee Primary Assignment Detail link
  Employee Termination Detail link
  Employee Termination with Comments Detail link
  Human Resource Setup Analysis link
  Person/Assignment History Detail link
Worker assignments
  viewing history of link
Workflow Notification
  sending link
  count link
  gains and losses link
Workforce and applicant termination link
Workforce headcount report set link