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Oracle U.S. Federal Financials User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13551-04
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Overview of Refunds

This chapter describes how to enter refunds created as cash receipts in Oracle Public Sector Receivables and customer agency IPAC chargebacks. This chapter also describes how to enter obligation dates for unmatched distribution lines for refunds created in Oracle Public Sector Payables.

You can use the Receivables Refunds window to determine the obligation date for all Account Receivables cash receipts identified as refunds and customer agency IPAC chargebacks to ensure proper column placement on the FMS Form 224 report. You can use the Payable Refunds window to determine the obligation dates for refunds against credit/debit memos recorded in Payables when the credit/debit memo distribution lines are unmatched.


Before entering refunds, you must:

Recording Cash Receipt Refunds

To record Receivables refund information:

  1. Navigate to the Cash Receipt Refunds window.

  2. Select the operating unit.

  3. Enter the supplier name.

    Note: Agencies receiving chargebacks from other agencies must record these transactions in the Interagency Transfers window by selecting Chargeback. The customer agency must also record the IPAC chargeback in the Cash Receipt Refunds window.

    Note: If Use Requisition Encumbrance and Use PO Encumbrance Federal Options are not selected in Purchasing, the obligation dates are not accurately reflected and the invoice date is used.

  4. Enter the invoice number.

    Note: The invoice amount is automatically displayed.

  5. In the Receipt Number field, enter the cash receipt number of the refund.

  6. In the Receipt Fund field, enter the fund to which the refund amount is applied.

    Note: The receipt amount is automatically displayed.

  7. If Processed is deselected the transaction is processed by the FMS Form 224 report or the FMS 1219 and 1220 reports. If Processed is selected, the transaction cannot be updated.

Recording Payables Refunds

To record Payables refunds:

  1. Navigate to the Payable Refunds window.

    Use check boxes to specify reduction criteria that lets you view records within the specified criteria.

  2. To view all unprocessed refunds, select Show Unprocessed Refunds.

    Note: Deselect Show Refunds with Missing Obligation Dates and Show Refunds based on criteria check boxes.

  3. To view all refunds that are unprocessed with missing obligation dates, select Show Unprocessed Refunds and Show Refunds with Missing Obligation Dates.

    Note: Deselect Show Refunds based on criteria.

    You must select at least one of the check boxes to display the Payables Refunds window.

  4. To view all refund records with at least one record without an obligation date in the Credit/Debit Memo Distribution window, select Show Refunds with Missing Obligation Dates.

  5. To search for refunds based on specific criteria, select the Show Refunds based on criteria check box and enter the relevant search criteria.

  6. Click Find.

    Note: This window is display only.

  7. In the Credit/Debit Memo Number field, the credit memo or debit memo number for which the refund was created is displayed.

    Note: More than one credit/debit memo may be associated with the refund. The number of records displayed is determined by the number of credit/debit invoices for the refund.

  8. Obligation Date is only selected if all of the distributions for the refund record contain obligation dates. If one of the distributions does not have an obligation date, the check box is deselected. To view which records need updating, enter the obligation date.

  9. To view all distributions of the credit/debit memo, click View All Distributions.

  10. To view distributions of the credit/debit memo with missing obligation dates, click Update Obligation Date.

    The Credit/Debit Memo Distributions window appears.

  11. In the Obligation Date field, optionally enter a date prior to the default credit/debit memo date for unmatched lines.

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