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Oracle U.S. Federal Financials User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13551-04
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Historical Third Party Report

Historical Third Party Report

The Historical Third Party Remittance report shows third party payment assignments.

Note: This report is only applicable for Release 11i upgrades.

The Historical Third Party Remittance report can be submitted at anytime. Agencies that upgraded from 11i can use this report to inform original suppliers or agents of the third party payments that were issued.

Users can sort the report by Original Supplier or by Third Party Agent.


The FV: Enable Third Party Payments profile option must be set to Yes.

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Generating Historical Third Party Remittance Report

To print the Historical Third Party Remittance report:

  1. Navigate to the Submit Requests window.

  2. In the Name field, select Historical Third Party Remittance Process.

  3. In the Operating Unit field, select an operating unit.

  4. In the Payment Date From field, optionally enter a payment date to begin the process run.

  5. In the Payment Date To field, optionally enter a date to end the process run.

  6. In the Payment Batch Name field, optionally select a confirmed payment batch.

  7. Select the original supplier's name and site.

  8. Select a third party agent's name and site.

  9. In the Sort By field, select a sort method.

Historical Third Party Remittance Report Description

The following table describes selected fields on the Historical Third Party Remittance report.

Historical Third Party Remittance Report Description
Column Description
Header Section Ledger name, report title, report date and time, operating unit, sort by parameter, and page number
Original Supplier Name Original supplier
Original Supplier Site Original supplier’s site
Third Party Agent Third party supplier
Third Party Site Third party supplier’s site
Payment Date Payment date
Payment Number Payment number
Payment Amount Payment amount
Invoice Number Invoice number for all invoices associated with the payment
Invoice Amount Gross invoice amount
Discount Amount Discount amount taken from invoice