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Oracle U.S. Federal Financials User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13551-04
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Financial Statements Procedures

Financial Statements Procedures

Automated consolidated financial statements increase an agency’s accountability of financial and program managers. In addition, the financial statements provide better information for decision-making and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of services provided by the Federal Government.

The Consolidated Financial Statements process uses account balances from FACTS II tables by attribute and general ledger balances for Statement of Budgetary Resources and from the FACTS I tables by attribute and general ledger balances for the other statements to provide line item amounts by attributes based on the federal report definitions setup defined for each statement.

The Generate Financial Statements concurrent process generates these financial statements:


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Generating Financial Statements

  1. Navigate to the Submit Requests window.

  2. In the Name field, select Consolidated Financial Statements Process.

  3. In the Ledger field, select the ledger.

  4. Select the type of report.

  5. Select the unit.

  6. Select the period name.

  7. In the Generate FACTS II Reports field, select Y or N.

If the concurrent process completes with a warning, check the log file for these conditions:

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