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Oracle U.S. Federal Financials User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13551-04
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Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Procedures


The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requires agencies to use information contained in the CCR as the source for making payments to vendors, with certain exceptions. Current and potential government vendors are required to register in CCR to be awarded contracts by any federal agency. Vendors provide basic information relevant to procurement and financial transactions.

CCR Data Transfer

The CCR Data Transfer:

This process can be:

Note: The CCR Data Transfer Report is always generated and contains information on the DUNS/DUNS+4 numbers imported.

CCR Data Processing

The CCR Data Processing:

This process can be:

Note: The CCR Data Processing Report is always generated and contains information on the DUNS/DUNS+4 number processed.

CCR Extract File Request Set

The CCR Extract File request set includes:

The CCR Extract File request set enables users to process the daily file after it is downloaded, decompressed, declassified, and placed in the correct directory.

CCR XML Process

The CCR XML concurrent process provides XML integration with CCR. This process enables users to:

CCR Pages

The CCR Vendors Search page enables users to do the following. These can be performed for multiple operating units.

In the CCR Vendors pages, users can view:

When users add a new vendor, a new DUNS number is entered in the Add DUNS Number page as a placeholder record until the updates arrive from CCR. The CCR XML concurrent process can be generated from this page.

Note: When CCR XML is run from the ADD DUNS Number page, the process queries CCR for all new DUNS numbers in the E-Business Suite, not the ones entered in the page.

In the Payables Assignments page, you can do the following.


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Importing the CCR Extract File

Note: The CCR Extract File request set includes the CCR Data Transfer and the CCR Data Processing processes. These processes generate two reports when the processes are run as a request set.

To process the CCR files:

  1. Navigate to the Submit Request window.

  2. In the Request Set field, select CCR Extract File Request Set.

  3. Click in the Parameters field for CCR Data Transfer.

  4. In the File Location field, select the network or file system path pointing to the directory where the extract file is stored.

  5. In the File Name field, enter the extract file name as it appears with the .dat extension.

  6. In the File Type field, select the agency’s security level and file type.

  7. The Update Type field defaults to the value All.

Generating the CCR XML

To run the CCR XML process:

  1. Navigate to the Submit Request window.

  2. In the Name field, select CCR XML.

  3. To query by DUNS/DUNS+4 number, in the Query Type field, select either All, New, or Single.

  4. If Single is selected, enter a specific DUNS number.

  5. To query by CAGE Code, enter a CAGE code.

  6. To query by taxpayer number, enter a taxpayer number.

  7. To query by social security number, enter a social security number.

  8. Enter a start or an end date time.

  9. Enter a registration status.

  10. In the Insert New Records field, select Yes or No to insert any records returned by the query that do not already exist in the E-Business Suite.

CCR Vendor Assignment

To view CCR information for a vendor, navigate to the CCR Vendors Search page.

You can enter any combination of search criteria in one of these fields:

Note: To create or update the Payables assignments for a DUNS/DUNS+4 number, return to the CCR Vendors Search page and click the Update Assignments icon. In the CCR Vendors Search page, no assignments exist if the Delete icon is enabled.

The following table describes selected fields on the CCR Vendors Search page.

CCR Vendors Search Page Description
Field Name Description
Operating Unit Operating unit associated with the vendor.
DUNS Number DUNS number/ navigates to the General Information page
DUNS+4 DUNS+4 identifier
CAGE/NCAGE Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code is a five-character ID number that identifies companies that do or wish to do business with the federal government. Foreign vendors use the NCAGE Code which means NATO CAGE Code.
Legal Business Name Vendor's legal business name
Registration Status Indicates the vendor's registration status as defined in the CCR
Update Assignments Navigates to the Payables Assignments page. An enabled icon indicates that the DUNS number can be assigned to a Payables object or is already assigned to a Payables option. A disabled icon indicates the following:
- no information for the DUNS number has been imported from the CCR; Unknown or Unregistered status
- record is a DUNS+4 whose root DUNS is not yet assigned to a supplier
Delete Deletes the record. A disabled icon indicates that the Paybles assignment must be deleted in the Payables Assignments page before the record can be deleted or that the record is a root DUNS number with DUNS+4 numbers in E-Business Suite.

The following table describes selected fields on the Payables Assignments Page.

Payables Assignments Page Description
Field Name Description
Supplier Existing supplier; If blank, a new supplier will be created.
Operating Unit Operating unit associated with a supplier site.
Main Address Site Main address site of the CCR Vendor that can be used for tax reporting purposes. If users select Yes, this site is associated with the assigned supplier with the physical location address information from the CCR. If users select no, a main address site is not created for the physical location address information. Only a payment site, using the remittance address information is created.

Note: This option is not available for a DUNS+4 number.

Apply Initiates the CCR Data Processing process to create or update pay sites with CCR information.