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Oracle U.S. Federal Financials User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13551-04
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Summary Schedules

Summary Schedules

Payment formats distribute transaction data in the form of output files using the Electronic Certification System (ECS), Secure Payment System (SPS), and direct output file to Treasury’s Regional Finance Center (RFC). Payment for invoices are accomplished by a central treasury office.

ECS and SPS Summary Schedules are submitted electronically to Treasury’s RFCs on a daily basis and include certification in the ECS system for Bulk Data files sent to Treasury. ECS and SPS Summary Schedules are generated for:

No ECS and SPS Summary Schedules can be generated for CTX. Once the bulk file is generated and transmitted to Treasury, the FMS input management process processes the file and assigns a Control Number that is sent back to the agency in a report that indicates whether the file is accepted or rejected. This control number is saved in the Summary Schedule window and an ECS or SPS Summary Schedule is generated.

In the Summary Schedule window, you can perform the following tasks:

Note: A summary schedule can be generated for a Bulk Data payment instruction that contains payments for up to 10 Treasury Symbols because the ECS format requires the listing of 10 Treasury Symbols and its totals in the Trailer Record. This is a restriction imposed by FMS in the ECS payment format guidelines.

Generating Summary Schedules

Generating ECS or SPS Summary Schedules

To generate the ECS or SPS Summary schedules, navigate to the Summary Schedule window.

The following table describes selected fields on the Summary Schedule window.

Summary Schedule Window Description
Field Name Description
Select Selects payment instruction for generating the summary schedule file
Operating Unit Operating unit of the record.

Note: The list of values include operating units assigned to the MO: Security profile.

Payment Instruction Schedule number used in the payment formats; only payment instruction names associated with Bulk Data CCD+, Bulk Data PPD+, Bulk Data Salary/Travel NCR, and Bulk Data NCR included in the list of values; must be in the Format and/or Confirmed status of the payment process
Reference Assigned by Admin Reference assigned by Administrator associated with the payment instruction
Control Number Control Number supplied by Treasury when Bulk Data file is submitted;
The same Control Number can be assigned to different payment instructions.
If the Summary Schedule check box is selected, the Control Number cannot be changed or deleted.
Agency Location Code Agency location code
Summary Schedule Indicates a Summary Schedule created for selected payment instruction
If the Summary Schedule check box is selected, users can regenerate the same Summary Schedule by selecting the payment instruction and clicking Summary Schedule.

Treasury Confirmation and Reconciliation