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Oracle iStore Implementation and Administration Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13575-08
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Concurrent Programs

This chapter covers the following topics:

Overview of Oracle Applications Concurrent Programs

In Oracle Applications, concurrent programs are system batch jobs that retrieve and push data between Oracle applications and the database. Concurrent programs can be comprised of a single request or a request set containing more than one concurrent program. Concurrent programs usually have logs associated them that provide details of the concurrent program data.

When to Schedule Oracle Applications Concurrent Programs

You can set up and start using Oracle Applications concurrent programs at any time in your implementation. Programs can be set to run on a schedule or only upon user request. For more complete information on Oracle Applications concurrent programs, see Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide.

When to Schedule Programs - Oracle iStore Specifically

See the detail descriptions of the iStore concurrent programs. For a summary of the programs available, see: the section, "Overview of Oracle iStore Concurrent Programs", below.

Steps to Run Concurrent Programs

See the section, "Running Concurrent Programs", below, for quick-steps.

See Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide for complete details on Oracle Applications concurrent programs.

Overview of Oracle iStore Concurrent Programs

Several concurrent jobs are seeded in the Oracle Applications (Forms) iStore concurrent program manager setup. These include:

Search Functions Concurrent Programs

The following concurrent programs control the product search functionality.

iStore Search Insert

iStore Search Insert is a single request concurrent program that you execute one time as a post-install step during your Oracle iStore implementation. Run this batch job after you have loaded Oracle Inventory items and set the Inventory organizations. This program populates Oracle iStore's category search table with product information from the Oracle Inventory tables.

Typically, you should not run the iStore Search Insert concurrent program more than once. However, you may need to rerun this program under one of the following three conditions:

iStore Section Search Refresh

This concurrent program populates Oracle iStore's section search table with product information.

To enable section-level search on the Customer UI for the first time, run the iStore Search Insert first, then run the iStore Section Search Refresh program. To switch from category-level to section-level search, run only the iStore Section Search Refresh program.

If you have enabled a section-level search, rerun this concurrent program whenever you change the setting of the fuzzy search functionality.

Duplicate Section Concurrent Programs

This section lists the concurrent programs that duplicate sections and section layout mappings.

iStore Duplicate Section Concurrent Program

If you need to duplicate a section having more than 1,000 child sections, use the iStore Duplicate Section concurrent program. See the "Creating and Maintaining Sections" section in the chapter, Implementing the Catalog, for more information.

iStore Section Layout Mapping Concurrent Program

To copy the layout mappings from a parent section to all of the children sections underneath it, use the iStore Section Layout Mapping Concurrent Program. See the "Creating and Maintaining Sections" section in the chapter, Implementing the Catalog, for more information.

Note: This concurrent program only works with sections using Configurable Layout.

Order Submission Concurrent Program

The following concurrent program submits orders for Express Checkout:

iStore - Express Checkout Order Submission

Schedule this program as a batch process that runs at pre-determined intervals. This program converts the Express Checkout shopping carts into orders.

Reporting Concurrent Program

The concurrent program, iStore Reports Fact Tables Refresh, populates the Oracle iStore reports' fact tables with data. Refer to the chapter, Implementing Reports, for more information.

Template Mappings Import/Export Concurrent Programs

Oracle iStore's Display Template Import/Export functionality within Template Manager allows you to export or import template mappings using XML files. The functionality is implemented as two concurrent programs:

For full details on these concurrent programs, please refer to the Advanced Display chapter.

iStore Lead Import Concurrent Program Set

The concurrent program request set, iStore Lead Import Set, pulls data matching certain parameters into the Oracle Sales leads database table.

The request set contains the following concurrent programs:

For more information, see the chapter, Integrating Oracle iStore with Oracle Sales Applications.

iStore Product Autoplacement

The iStore Autoplacement concurrent program can be used to populate leaf sections with products from Oracle Inventory categories. The program also can remove products from sections that no longer match the criteria of the concurrent program and section-category mappings.

For more information, see the "Implementing Products" chapter.

iStore Oracle Content Manager Integration Migration

Oracle iStore provides a migration script for customers who want to integrate Oracle iStore with Oracle Content Manager (OCM). The script is implemented as a concurrent program, iStore Oracle Content Manager Integration Migration.

Both existing customers and new customers who want to use the OCM integration must run the concurrent program as a mandatory step to migrate the seed and customer data.

See "Integrating Oracle iStore with Oracle Content Manager" chapter for more information.

Oracle Marketing Integration Concurrent Program

If you are integrating Oracle iStore with Oracle Marketing's product screens, you must load the inventory categories information into Oracle Marketing database tables. To do this, run the concurrent program, AMS Load Inventory Categories. After this program is run, the categories information shows up in the Oracle Marketing UI.

See the "Integrating Oracle iStore with Oracle Marketing" chapter, for more information.

Oracle Payments Integration Concurrent Program

At the end of the installation patching process, Oracle Payments automatically runs an Oracle iStore concurrent program, iStore Program to Migrate Credit Card Data to Oracle Payments. This concurrent program migrates the iStore data for primary and preferred credit card to the Oracle Payments model.

Running Concurrent Programs

Below are instructions for running any Oracle Applications concurrent program or program set. You can use these procedures to run or schedule any of the Oracle iStore concurrent programs.

See Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide for complete details on Oracle Applications concurrent programs.



  1. Log in to Oracle Forms with the appropriate responsibility as described under Responsibility, above. The Submit a New Request form opens.

  2. Choose Single Request (to run a single concurrent program) or Request Set (to run a set of concurrent programs).

  3. Select OK. The Submit Request form opens.

  4. Query for the appropriate concurrent program, if necessary.

  5. Select the desired request or request set.

  6. Either run immediately or select Schedule to schedule the batch jobs.

  7. If scheduling, select the timeframe:

  8. Select Submit to submit the request. You receive a confirmation that the request has been submitted.

  9. Optional: You can monitor the progress of your request by looking at the request log and output files in $COMMON_TOP/admin/log/l<request ID>.log and $COMMON_TOP/admin/out/<request ID>.out, respectively.

  10. Optional: You can also view the request status by selecting View > Requests and searching by the request ID.

Checking Concurrent Program Status

Use the following procedure to check the status of a concurrent program.


  1. Log in to Oracle Forms with the System Administrator responsibility.

  2. Choose Concurrent > Requests.

The Find Requests window (defaulted to "All My Requests") opens.

  1. In the Find Requests window, search for your concurrent program request.

  2. The Requests window displays a list of submitted requests. The Oracle iStore concurrent programs should be listed.

  3. Click Refresh Data occasionally to check the completion status.

  4. Once in the "red" state or Phase = "Completed", the "View Output" and "View Log" buttons will become active if the log and output files have been setup correctly.