Introduction to Oracle iStore

This chapter covers the following topics:


Fully integrated with the Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle iStore is a powerful tool that allows businesses to create and manage online e-commerce sites. A highly configurable Java application, Oracle iStore employs Oracle foundation and back-end applications along with its own comprehensive Java and PL/SQL programming and logic to deliver a high-end application that responds to the growing need for online commerce in business-to-business (B2B), business partner, and business-to-consumer (B2C) electronic scenarios.

Oracle iStore lets businesses create, manage, and personalize powerful Internet storefronts in a secure and scalable environment.

Oracle iStore contains two user interfaces:

The Site Administration Application allows site administrators to create and maintain multiple sites, catalogs, and related business rules, as well as access business and operational reports.

Site Administration features and functionality are covered in Chapter 2, Site Administration User Interface.

This is the customer-facing application which features shopping carts and lists, cart sharing, a full range of order taking and tracking capabilities, e-mail notifications of user events, quote retrieval and updates, marketing, guided selling, and more.

The Customer Application features and functionality are covered in Chapter 3, Customer User Interface.

Together, the Site Administration and Customer user interfaces provide a compelling e-commerce package.

Integration with other Oracle applications provides support and additional functionality, including:

Key Features and Benefits

Oracle iStore allows businesses from all industries to establish business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) electronic commerce (e-commerce). Oracle iStore provides merchants with an easy-to-use interface for setting up specialty sites that capture and process customer orders. In addition, integration with other Oracle applications provides a broad range of e-commerce capabilities.

Implementing Oracle iStore lets you:

In addition, organizations can build integrated sites which support users of Oracle iSupport and Oracle Partner Management applications. Integration with Oracle Web Analytics allows tracking of site visits and provides a wide range of site tracking reports.

Key features and benefits of Oracle iStore are discussed in this section.

Site Administration Application

The friendly interface of the Site Administration Application allows you to configure sites which are then presented as specialty sites in the Internet-enabled, customer-facing application known as the Customer Application.

The Site Administration Application allows you to perform the following main functions:

Leveraging a unified, central application and repository of products and content, each site can have its own:

Catalog Management

A full catalog management application is provided in the Site Administration Application, giving you a highly configurable Internet product presentation. Leveraging the powerful Oracle Inventory on the back-end and Oracle iStore's section building tool in the Site Administration Application, the Catalog is a flexible tool which supports multiple languages and currencies. Highlights include:

Content Management

A Content Repository and reusable content components allow you to store, easily retrieve, and configure content to display in the specialty sites. Highlights include:

Site Reporting

Oracle iStore supplies a variety of data that feeds the metrics in several e-commerce business intelligence and operational reports. The operational reports are presented in Oracle Discoverer Viewer and the e-commerce intelligence reports in Oracle E-Commerce Intelligence, which leverages both the former Oracle iStore DBI framework and Oracle Web Analytics reporting. Together these reports provide a rich collection of valuable data about your sites, your customers, and their ordering activity.

Automated User Communications

Oracle iStore automatically delivers e-mail notification messages to the appropriate users for such events as:

In addition, e-mail messages can be configured by organization, store, and user type, giving you immense flexibility in communicating with your customers.

This functionality is provided through Oracle iStore's integration with Oracle Workflow.

Background Data Management

Several supplied concurrent programs in Oracle iStore automatically refresh data between business objects. For example:

User Management, Self-Service Registration, and Customer Information

Oracle iStore offers a full user management and registration framework in the Customer Application. For B2B users, seeded roles and permissions offer personalized features for different customer segments and business partners. Automatic user registration enables self-service access to the sites. Highlights include:

Globalization and Localization Support

Oracle iStore supports a global product catalog and infrastructure, allowing you to launch and maintain an international online presence. Highlights include:

Interactive Selling and Ordering Options

Oracle iStore provides numerous options for interactive selling, user assistance, and ordering options for customers in the Customer Application. Highlight include:

Order Management and Fulfillment

Supplied integration with the Oracle Order Management Suite's powerful combination of order processing tools provide a complete range of order management and fulfillment functions. Highlights include:

Marketing and Customer Tracking

Oracle iStore features a number of marketing and customer tracking options through its integration with other Oracle applications. These options include:

Business Objects, Components, and Processes

Oracle iStore includes the following business objects, components and processes, which allow it to store data, process information, and communicate with the Oracle database and other Oracle applications:

Mandatory Integrations with Other Oracle Applications

The following Oracle applications provide are mandatory integrations for Oracle iStore:

For more information, see the Oracle iStore Implementation and Administration Guide and the respective product documentation.

Optional Integrations with Other Oracle Applications

The following Oracle applications modules can be set up to provide additional functionality for your electronic specialty sites:

For more information, see the Oracle iStore Implementation and Administration Guide and the respective product documentation.