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Oracle Projects Fundamentals
Release 12.1
Part Number E13581-04
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Oracle Projects Fundamentals


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Overview of Oracle Projects

Overview of Oracle Projects
      Oracle Project Costing
      Oracle Project Billing
      Oracle Project Resource Management
      Oracle Project Management
      Oracle Project Collaboration
      Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Projects
      Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis


      Defining Organizations
      Business Groups
      Operating Units and Multiple Organizations
      Defining Organization Hierarchies
      Assigning Burdening Hierarchies
      Adding Operating Units
      Adding Organizations to the Project Burdening Hierarchy Version
Case Study: Organization Change in Fremont Corporation
      Business Assumptions
      Business Requirements
      Planning the Organization Change
      Setup Steps Required for an Organization Change


Overview of Resources
      People Resources
      Resource Types
      Resource Lists
Planning Resource Lists
Resource Breakdown Structure

Project Team Definition

Project Teams and Team Roles
      Team Roles
Defining Nonscheduled Team Members
Staffing Plan
Defining Scheduled Team Members
      Project Requirements
      Project Assignments
      Team Templates
      Creating Team Templates
      Applying Team Templates
      Creating Administrative Assignments
Defining Organization Roles
Assigning People to Projects
      Person Resource Schedules
      Reviewing Person Schedules
      Maintaining Person Schedules
      Overview of Timelines


Overview of Rates
Using Rates for Costing
Using Rates for Billing
Using Rates for Workplan and Financial Planning

Project Definition and Information

Overview of Projects and Tasks
Project Structures
      Overview of Project Structures
      Enabling Project Structures
      Workplan Structures
      Program Management
      Financial Structures
      Defining Your Financial Structure
      Managing Tasks In A Financial Structure
      Viewing a Financial Structure
      Running Financial Structure Process Updates
      Integrating Workplan and Financial Structures
Project Lifecycles
      Overview of Project Lifecycles
      Defining Lifecycles
      Using Lifecycles
      Assigning Lifecycle Phases to Tasks
Project and Task Attributes
      Project Information
      Basic Project Information
      Long Name
      Project Organization
      Project Type
      Public Sector (Public)
      Access Level
      Project Start and Finish Dates
      Precedence for Displayed Start Date and Finish Date
      Default Effective Dates for Team Members
      Additional Information
      Work Type
      Assignment Precedes Task For Actuals
      Billing Job Group
      Additional Attributes
      User-Defined Project Attributes
      Calendars for Projects and Resources
      Team Members (Key Members)
      Page Layouts and Tabs
      Item Association
      Project Classifications
      Resource Information
      Candidate Score Weightings
      Additional Staffing Information
      Costing Information
      Costing Burden Schedules
      Budgetary Control
      Burden Schedule Overrides
      Labor Multipliers
      Asset Information
      Capital Information
      Billing Information
      Billing Setup
      Revenue and Billing Information
      Invoice Formats
      Billing Setup for Top Tasks
      Credit Receivers
      Billing Assignments
      Customer Billing Retention
      Standard Billing Schedules
      Billing Currency
      Billing Currency Options
      Currency Option Check Boxes
      Invoice Processing Currency
      Conversion Attributes to Project Functional Currency, Project Currency, and Funding Currency
      Currency Conversion Attributes
      Rate Overrides
      Job Bill Rate and Discount Overrides
      Employee Bill Rates and Discount Overrides
      Non-Labor Bill Rate and Discount Overrides
      Job Overrides
      Job Assignment Overrides
      Job Billing Title Overrides
      Job Group (Additional Information Window)
      Reporting Information
      Cross Charge
      Organization Overrides
      Transaction Controls
Project Templates
      Project Template Design Considerations
      Creating a Project Based on a Project Template
      Defining Project Templates and Quick Entry
      Start Date and Finish Date in Project Templates
      Quick Entry Date Shift Examples
      Project and Task Organizations in Project Templates
      Team Members in Project Templates
      Project Classifications in Project Templates
      Project Customers in Project Templates
      Defining Quick Entry Fields
      Specifying Project and Task Options for a Template
      Enabling User-Defined Attributes in Project Templates
      Creating, Updating, and Disabling Project Templates
Project and Task Information Entry
      Entering Project and Task Options
      Using Effective Dates to Enable or Disable Options
Creating Projects
      Creating a New Project from a Project Template or Existing Project
      Deleting a Project
Project Requests
      Creating a Project from a Project Request
Viewing Projects and Project Information
      Project Search
      Minimum Search Criteria for All Methods
      Keyword Searches
      Simple Searches
      Advanced Searches
      Alternate Project Searches
      Project Access Levels
      Project List
      Project Sets
      Project Workbench
      Project Workbench Organization
      Project Tab
      Resources Tab
      Workplan Tab
      Control Tab
      Financial Tab
      Reporting Tab
      Supplier Tab
      Billing Workbench
      Supplier Workbench
      Create Deductions
Task Details


      Utilization Time Periods
      Work Types and Utilization Categories
      Utilization Views
      Utilization Calculation
      Utilization Reporting
      Reviewing the Resource Details: Utilization Page
      Reconciling Utilization Totals

Organization Forecasting

Understanding Organization Forecasting
      Organization Forecasting Concepts
      Organization Forecasting Features
Using Organization Forecasting
      Organization Forecasting Process Flow
      Defining Prerequisite Forecast Information
      Submitting Calculation Processes
      Creating Versions and Generating Amounts
      Reviewing Forecast Amounts
      Adjusting Forecast Amounts
      Submitting and Creating Baselines
      Creating Organization Forecasts
      Creating a Forecast Version and Generating Amounts
      Maintaining Forecast Versions
      Adjusting Generated Amounts
      Reviewing Organization Forecast Results
      Budgets and Forecasts Page
      Organization Forecast Summary Page
      Viewing Forecast Revenue Components
      Viewing Forecast Cost Components
      Viewing Forecast Utilization Components
      Viewing Forecast Headcount Components

System Administration and Maintenance

Understanding Data Processing
Deferred Workflow Processes
      Available Item Types
      Recommended Process Scheduling Parameters
Archiving and Purging Projects
      Purging Process Overview
      Purging Safely and Efficiently
      Prerequisites for Purging Projects
      Statuses Associated with Purging
      Purge Procedures
      Instructions for Archiving and Purging Projects
      Step One: Create a Purge Batch
      Step Two: Review and Refine the List
      Step Three: Validate the Projects in the Purge Batch
      Step Four: Release the Purge Batch
      Step Five: Start the Purge Process
      Modifying an Existing Purge Batch
      Deleting a Purge Batch
      Correcting Errors
      After Purging
Setting Up for Archiving and Purging
      Assigning Purge Responsibility
      Profile Option
      Client Extensions
      Transaction Tables Used in Archiving and Purging
      Purged Tables and Archive Tables
      Actuals Tables
      Summarization Tables
      Capitalization Tables
      Multiple Reporting Currencies Tables
      Cross Charge Tables
      Staffing Transaction Tables
      Resource Unassigned Time Tables
Mass Update for Projects and Tasks
      Creating A Mass Update Batch
      Mass Update Batches Window Reference
      Processing A Mass Update Batch
      Mass Update Batch Verifications
Impacts of Merging Customer Information
      Entities Affected by Customer Merge Operations


Processes in Oracle Projects
      Submitting Processes
Submitting Streamline Processes
      Interface Streamline Processes
      Project Streamline Processes
      One-Step Interface Streamline Processes to GL
Distribution Processes
      Create and Distribute Burden Transactions
      Distribute Borrowed and Lent Amounts
      Distribute Expense Report Adjustments
      Distribute Labor Costs
      Distribute Supplier Cost Adjustments
      Distribute Total Burdened Cost
      Distribute Usage and Miscellaneous Costs
Generation Processes
      Create Accounting
      Create Periodic Capital Events
      Generate Allocations Transactions
      Delete Allocations Transactions
      Generate Asset Lines
      Generate Capitalized Interest Transactions
      Generate Cost Accounting Events
      Generate Cross Charge Accounting Events
      Generate Draft Invoices
      Generate Financial Plan Amounts
      Delete Unreleased Invoices for a Range of Projects
      Generate Draft Revenue
      Delete Draft Revenue of a Single Project
      Generate Revenue Accounting Events
      Generate Intercompany Invoices
      Release Allocations Transactions
      Generate Assets Automatically for a Range of Projects
      Place Assets in Service - API
Organization Forecasting Processes
      Calculate Forecast Amounts (Incremental)
      Calculate Forecast Amounts (Initial)
      Generate Organization Forecasts
      Update Forecast Amounts
Interface Processes
      Interface Assets
      Interface Expense Reports from Payables
      Interface Intercompany Invoices to Receivables
      Interface Invoices to Receivables
      Interface Supplier Costs
      Transfer Journal Entries to GL
Project Resource Management Processes
      Automated Candidate Search
      Generate Calendar Schedules
      Process Forecast Exceptions
      Perform Action Rules
      Rebuild Timeline
      Refresh Resource Availability
Burden Processes
      Add New Organization Compiled Burden Multipliers
      Compile All Burden Schedule Revisions
Summarization and Update Processes
      Adjust Expenditure Items
      Compute Forecast Labor Revenue
      Copy Actual Amounts
      Manage Project Requests and Maintain Projects
      Maintain Budgetary Control Balances
      Process Mass Update Batches
      Process Structure Updates
      Process Project Structure Updates
      Refresh Project Summary Amounts
      Refresh Resource Breakdown Structure Element Names
      Refresh Transaction Summary Amounts
      Revaluate Funding for a Single Project
      Revaluate Funding for a Range of Projects
      Delete Revaluated Funding for a Range of Projects
      Summarize Unbilled Receivables / Unearned Revenue Balances
      Update Project Summary Amounts
      Upload Financial Plan Data from Microsoft Excel
      Year End Budget Rollover
Tieback Processes
      Tieback Asset Lines from Oracle Assets
      Tieback Invoices from Receivables
Transaction Import Process
      Transaction Import
Administrative Processes
      Add Task Managers as Project Members on a Range of Projects
      Archiving and Purging Processes
      Create Invoice Organization Transaction Types Process
      Maintain Project Resources
      Optimize the Project Search Intermedia Index
      Rebuild the Project Search Intermedia Index
      Release Pay When Paid Holds
      Streamline Rollup for Financial Plan and Workplan Versions
      Sweep Transaction Accounting Events
      Upgrade Bill Rate Schedules in Projects
      Upgrade Budget Types and Budget Versions
      Update Project Access Level
      Upgrade Resource Lists to Planning Resource Lists
      Upgrade Transaction Attributes
Performance and Exceptions Reporting Programs
      Project Performance Reporting Setup Audit Report
      Load Project and Resource Base Summaries
      Load Project Performance Data
      Update Project and Resource Base Summaries
      Update Project Performance Data
      Refresh Project and Resource Base Summaries
      Refresh Project Performance Data
      Delete Project Intelligence and Performance Reporting Data
      Delete Project Performance Reporting Data
      Process Resource Breakdown Structure Updates
      Load Project Reporting Base Summaries and Performance Data
      Update Project Reporting Base Summaries and Performance Data
      Refresh Project Reporting Base Summaries and Performance Data
      Launch Update Project Performance
      Delete Historical Workplans and Financial Plans
      Generate Performance Scores and Notifications
      Generate and Distribute Reporting Pack
Utilization Reporting Programs
Project Deliverable Processes
      Initiate Project Deliverable Actions
      Relieve Project Deliverable Demand

Reports and Listings

Oracle Applications Common Report Parameters
      Oracle Projects Common Report Parameters
      Common Report Headings
Submitting Reports and Listings
Submitting Requests
Cancelling Requests
Monitoring Requests
Debug Mode
Implementation Listings
      Agreement Types Listing
      AutoAccounting Functions Listing
      AutoAccounting Lookup Sets Listing
      AutoAccounting Rule Definitions Listing
      AutoAccounting Segment Rule Pairings Listing
      Class Categories and Codes Listing
      Credit Types Listing
      Employee Assignment Listing and Employee Assignments by Organization Listing
      Event Types Listing
      Expenditure Cost Rates Listing
      Expenditure Types Listing
      Implementation Options Listing
      Invoice Formats Listing
      Job Listing
      Labor Cost Multipliers Listing
      Labor Cost Rates Listing and Labor Cost Rates Listing By Organization
      Labor Costing Rules Listing
      Non-Labor Resources by Organization Listing
      Organization Hierarchy Listing
      Organization Listing
      Project Contact Types Listing
      Project Customer Relationships Listing
      Project Roles Listing
      Project Statuses Listing
      Project Types Listing
      Projects Lookups
      Projects Periods
      Revenue Categories Listing
      Service Types Listing
      Standard Rate Schedules Listing
      Transaction Sources Listing
      Units Definition Listing
Project Entry Reports
      Project Configuration
      Task Details
      Work Breakdown Structure
Transaction Entry Reports
      Expenditure Batch Status
      Expense Report Entry
      Missing Timecards
      Pre-Approved Expenditures Entry Audit
Timecard Entry Report
Project Expenditures Reports
      Capital Project Summary Report
      Expenditures Detail Report
      Expenditures Summary Report
      Inactive Capital Projects Report
      Project Asset Details Report
      Project Expenditure Adjustment Activity
      Transfer Activity Report
Project Financial Reports
      Revenue, Cost, Budgets by Resources (Project Level)
      Task - Revenue, Cost, Budgets by Resources
      Revenue, Cost, Budgets by Work Breakdown Structure
Employee Activity Report
      Employee Activity by Organization
Billing Review Reports
      Invoice Review
      Unbilled Receivables Aging
      Agreement Status by Customer
Billing Process Flow Reports
      Invoice Flow Detail and Invoice Flow Summary
      Potential Revenue Summary
      Project Billing Status
      Revenue Flow Detail
Interface Audit Reports
      Cost Audit Report
      Cross Charge Audit Report
      Revenue Audit Report
      Interfaced CIP/RWIP Amounts by FA Period
      Revaluated Funding Audit
      Supplier Cost Audit Report
      Supplier Invoice Audit Report
      Expense Report Audit Report
Project Subledger Audit Reports
      Project Subledger Summary
      Project Subledger Detail by Project
      Project Subledger Detail by Expenditure Type
Period Close Exception Reports
      Transaction Exception Details
      Transaction Exception Summary
      Summarization Period Exceptions
Organization Forecast Exception Report
Discoverer Workbooks
      Staffing Business Area
      Financial Business Area
      Competence Business Area
      Utilization Business Area Folders
      Business Views
      Security Overview
      Discoverer Workbooks in Oracle Projects
      Required Project Hours (PAREQPRJ)
      Required Project Hours by GL Period
      Required Project Hours by PA Period
      Required Project Hours by Global Week
      Scheduled Resource Hours (PASCHRES)
      Scheduled Resource Hours by GL Period
      Scheduled Resource Hours by PA Period
      Scheduled Resource Hours by Global Week
      Available Resource Hours (PAAVLRES)
      Available Resource Hours by GL Period
      Available Resource Hours by PA Period
      Available Resource Hours by Global Week
      Overcommitted Resource Hours (PAOVCRES)
      Overcommitted Resource Hours by GL Period
      Overcommitted Resource Hours by PA Period
      Overcommitted Resource Hours by Global Week
      Project Pipeline Workbook (PASALPIP)
      Project Pipeline by Fiscal Year
      Project Pipeline by Fiscal Quarter
      Project Pipeline by GL Period
      Project Pipeline by PA Period
      Organization Competence Summary Workbook (PA_PRM_ORG_COMP_SUM)
      Organization Competence Summary Worksheet
      Resource Listing for Organization and Competence Worksheet
      Resource Competencies Workbook (PA_PRM_RES_COMP)
      Organization Resource Competencies
      Project Resource Competencies
      Resource Competence Details
      Team Role Details Workbook (PA_PRM_TEAM_ROLE_DETAILS)
      Requirement Details
      Assignment Details
      Utilization by Organization Workbook (PJIORGUT)
      Summary Worksheet
      By Utilization Category and Work Type Worksheet
      Summary Trend Worksheet
      Utilization by Resources Workbook (PJIRESUT)
      Summary Worksheet
      By Utilization Category and Work Type Worksheet
      Summary Trend Worksheet
      Utilization by Resource Managers Workbook (PJIMGRRUT)
      Summary Worksheet
      By Utilization Category and Work Type Worksheet
      Summary Trend Worksheet
      Discoverer Query Tips

Integration with Other Oracle Applications

System Integration
Integrating with Oracle Subledger Accounting
      Accounting Event Model Overview
      Understanding the Expenditures Accounting Event Entity
      Understanding the Revenue Accounting Event Entity
      Understanding the Budgets Accounting Event Entity
      Understanding Accounting Events for Burden Encumbrances in Oracle Purchasing and Oracle Payables
      Sweeping Transaction Accounting Events
      Understanding Subledger Accounting Setup for Oracle Projects
      Subledger Accounting Concurrent Programs
Integrating with the Budget Execution Module of Oracle Federal Financials
Integrating with Oracle General Ledger
      Implementing General Ledger
      Data that Oracle Projects Predefines
      Transferring Costs and Revenue to General Ledger
      Journal Import
      Posting in Oracle General Ledger
      Tie Back Costs and Revenue
      Opening and Closing Periods
      Other Journal Entry Issues
Integrating with Oracle Project Contracts
      Overview of Oracle Project Contracts Integration
Integrating with Oracle Human Resources
      Adding an Employee
      Changing an Employee's Name
      Terminating an Employee
Integrating with Oracle Cash Management
Integrating with Oracle Sales
      Understanding Opportunity to Project Integration
      Using Opportunity to Project Integration
      Viewing Workflow Notifications
Integrating with Oracle Product Lifecycle Management

Security in Oracle Projects

Security In Oracle Projects
      Understanding Oracle Projects Security
      Multiple Organization Access Control
      Responsibility-Based Security
      Project Security
      Organization Security
      Demonstrating a Security Check
      Public APIs

Global Project Support

Providing Data Access Across Business Groups
      Organization Hierarchies Overview
      Jobs Overview
      Business Group Access
      Using Global Organization Hierarchies
      Job Groups and Global Jobs
      Using Job Groups in Oracle Projects
Defining Global Security Profiles
Multi-Currency Support
      When Currency Amounts Are Calculated
Converting Multiple Currencies
Currency Models in Oracle Projects
Reporting Currencies
Multilingual Support

Accounting Periods and Dates for Transaction Processing

Accounting Transactions
      Accounting Transactions for Cost
      Accounting Transactions for Cost Accrual
Date Processing in Oracle Projects
      Overview of Dates in Oracle Projects
      Determining Dates
Financial Periods and Date Processing for Financial Accounting
      Period-End Date Accounting
      Expenditure Item Date Accounting
      Expenditure Item Date Accounting with Common Accounting Periods
      Examples of Accounting Date Derivation
      When Accounting Dates Are Derived
Setting Up Expenditure Item Date Accounting

Predefined Setup for Oracle Subledger Accounting

Data that Oracle Projects Predefines for Oracle Subledger Accounting
      Event Entities
      Event Classes and Event Types
      Process Categories
      Accounting Event Class Options
      Sources, Source Assignments, and Accounting Attribute Assignments
      Journal Line Types
      Account Derivation Rules
      Journal Lines Definitions
      Application Accounting Definitions
      Subledger Accounting Methods
Post-Accounting Programs that Oracle Projects Defines

Menu Paths

Oracle Projects Navigation Paths