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Oracle Lease and Finance Management User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13583-05
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Restructure Quotes

This chapter covers the following topics:


The restructure quotation process allows the lessee to change terms in the contract.

This Asset Management functionality allows you to:

The acceptance of a restructure quote results in a re-booked contract. The calculations that the restructure quote provides become the basis of the re-booking.

Note: All amounts specified in a restructure quote are in the contract currency.

Supported Contract Statuses for Restructure Quotes

Certain processes--such as termination quote, restructure quote, request termination, and contract expiration batches--are based the contract status. The following table shows supported combinations of the restructure quote process and contract statuses.

Supported Contract Statuses for Restructure Quotes
Contract Status Process: Restructure Quote
Booked Yes
Evergreen No
Under Revision No
Abandoned No
Complete No
Incomplete No
New No
Passed No
Bankruptcy Hold Yes
Litigation Hold Yes
Termination Hold No
Approved No
Pending Approval No
Amended No
Reversed No
Terminated No

The topics in this section include:

Search and Update Restructure Quotes

Use these procedures to search, view, and update restructure quotes.


Contract status must permit quotation.


Perform the following steps using the Restructure Quotes page:

  1. Enter one or more search criteria to locate the restructure quote:

  2. Click the Go button.

    In the Results area, matching restructure quotes appear. Field information includes: Quote Number, Status Type, Effective From date, and Effective To date.

  3. In the Quote Number column, click the hypertext link of the restructure quote that you want to view or update.

    The Restructure Quote Details page appears. The three fields that you can modify are:

  4. Click the Update button to apply your updates.

Create Restructure Quotes

To create a restructure quote, you must have a contract number in context. A lease price modeling application, calculates and updates values for restructure quotes.

The asset management restructure function allows you to:



Perform the following steps in the Restructure Quotes page:

  1. Click the Create button.

    The Create Restructure Quotes page appears.

  2. Select the contract for which you are creating the restructure quote.

  3. In the Quote Reason field, choose a reason for the quote termination.

  4. In the Comments fields, optionally enter any free-form text, such as description, comments, or notes.

  5. In the Options area, complete these fields:

  6. Click Apply.