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Oracle Lease and Finance Management User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13583-05
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Consolidated Quotes

This chapter covers the following topics:


You can combine multiple quotes into one consolidated quote for your customers' convenience. Some customers may prefer consolidated quotes to ease management of their high volume of quotes and partial quotes.

Each quote in a consolidated quote remains an independent standalone quote, although after you combine multiple quotes into a consolidated quote, you cannot remove them from the consolidated quote.

You can consolidate quotes from multiple contracts as long as each quote meets certain conditions. These conditions include each quote having the same effective date, product type, recipient, and quote type. Partial quotes can be included in consolidated quotes, but not partial termination quotes.

The asset management representative can modify the quote, as needed. Oracle Defect Management notifies quotes to the requestor and program partner as required.

Topics in this section include:

Search and Update a Consolidated Quote

You can search for and update a consolidated quote. To locate a consolidated quote, you can search by operating unit, quote number, quote type, or quote status.



Perform the following steps using the Consolidated Quotes page:

  1. In the Search area, specify one or more search criteria:

  2. Click the Go button to perform the search.

    Matching quotes appear in the Results area and show you the quote number, status, type, effective dates, and recipient for consolidated quote.

  3. In the Quote Number column, click the consolidated quote's number.

    The Consolidated Quote Details page appears and shows you:

  4. Click the Update button to apply any changes you make.

Create a Consolidated Quote

You can create a new consolidated quote by selecting multiple quotes that share the same attributes: operating unit, quote status, quote recipient, effective dates, product type, and quote type. To create a quote, you search for quotes with matching attributes.



Perform the following steps:

  1. Click Create on the Consolidated Quotes page.

    The Create Consolidated Quote page appears.

  2. Select the operating unit.

    Note: The list of values includes operating units assigned to the MO: Security profile.

    Note: The application displays the selected operating unit as the default in the subsequent pages irrespective of the value that you set for the MO: Default Operating Unit profile option.

    The selected operating unit restricts the valid list of values in applicable fields.

  3. Choose a Quote Type, or leave the field blank to find all quote types.

    Note: All quotes in a consolidated quote must have the same quote type.

  4. In the Effective Date fields, click the Calendar icon to choose starting and/or ending dates, or leave the Effective Date fields blank to locate quotes with any

    Note: All quotes in a consolidated quote must have the same effective date.

  5. Select the recipient and product for the quote.

  6. Click Continue to select the quotes that you want to consolidate.

  7. Select the quotes.

    The status, type, effective dates, and recipient must be the same for each quote in one consolidation.

  8. Click Finish to consolidate the quotes.