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Oracle Lease and Finance Management User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13583-05
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Maintaining Contract Portfolios

This chapter covers the following topics:


The Asset Return to Disposal process covers record keeping of returned assets, handling amortization and write-downs, evaluating the condition of an asset, determining what you want to do with the asset, and deploying your end-of-term strategies.

Maintain Contract Portfolio

Topics in this section include:

The Contract Portfolio concerns the end-of-term strategy. You define the end-of-term strategy when you originally set up the original contract. In the Contract Portfolio area, you can view and update these parameters. You may want to set up strategies, for example, and you would usually want to start your strategy some time before the contract terminates.

The objective of asset tracking is to track projected revenue that leased assets generate anticipated at or near the end of the contract.

Search and Update Contract Portfolio

Use this procedure to view and update the end-of-term strategy of a contract.


You have included portfolio details at the time of authoring a contract.


Perform the following steps:

  1. In the Search area of the Contract Portfolios page, enter one of more search criteria to locate the contract: Contract Number, Contract Status, Contract End Date (starting and ending date), Portfolio Status, Portfolio Execution Date,

  2. Click the Go button.

    In the Results area, matching contracts appear and show you: Contract Number, Contract Status, Contract End Date, Portfolio Status, Execution Date, Strategy, and Details.

  3. Under the Contract Number column, click the contract's hypertext link to view or edit more information.

    The Contract Portfolio page appears and shows you the original contract portfolio strategy (if it has not been edited).

  4. View or edit the following fields:

  5. Click the Update button to apply any changes.

Notify Contract Portfolios on Execution Due Date

To send notifications regarding your contract's end-of-term strategy, you can:

The Notification of Contract Portfolios on Execution Due Date concurrent program:


Portfolio details must have been included at the time of authoring the contract.

See Concurrent Programs.

Update Contract Portfolio Budget Amount

When you defined your contract's terms and conditions, you may have included a strategy for the contract's end-of-term or its contract portfolio. Part of the contract portfolio includes a budget amount.

If you established a budget for the contract portfolio, you would have based the budget on either a fixed amount or a formula. If your budget is based on a formula, then you must run the Update Contract Portfolio Budget Amount concurrent program to calculate the budget amount.

If your contract portfolio is based on a fixed amount, then do not run this program.

The Update Contract Portfolio Budget Amount concurrent program:

See Concurrent Programs.


Portfolio details were included at the time of authoring a contract.